Poorly Bear

Poorly Bear

So our Sunday wasn’t exactly enjoyable this weekend.  It started well, a nice breakfast, a little play, showers, all fairly standard.  Little Bear had complained of a tummy ache but it seemed to come and go, we thought he would be fine.  And then, as we were putting our shoes on, Little Bear lay down and was horrendously sick all over the floor.

He’s never been sick before and he hated it.  He looked so scared and got so upset.  After sorting him out he had a sleep on our bed, he must have felt rough to want to nap!  Unfortunately I couldn’t take advantage as he had his legs on mine and I was pretty much trapped!

After a few hours on the sofa (with blankets over and under him, just in case – it’s a new sofa!!) he seemed to perk up but didn’t want anything to eat.  We played games and played “playgroup”, and then he even had some dinner.  And still all was fine – play, bath, stories…all fine.  And then, with his bedtime cuddles, he erupted again!  It’s the worst thing in the world seeing him so sad and unwell.

But, however bad yesterday was, I’m thinking today will probably be worse.  He feels better, he’s got some energy, he wants to go to preschool…but he can’t.  And I don’t want to risk going out too far and him having another wave of sickness.  Cabin fever is setting in already!


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