Christmas Week – Thursday and Friday

Christmas Week – Thursday and Friday

We’re already at the end of our Christmas Week and I’m not sure how we’ve survived.

On Thursday we had a Christmas party at gymnastics.  It was basically our usual gymnastics session but with a Christmas themed Hokey Cokey warm up, three times the number of children, and some Christmas pictures hidden around for the children to find.  Little Bear loved it, although when Santa made an appearance he did question me on whether he was the real one or was Tulley’s Farm the real one.  And then Santa had a gift for everyone…reindeer food.  More blooming reindeer food.  They’re going to be better fed than Father Christmas if this trend is echoed across the nation!

Forget Hatchimals, this is the must have of Christmas 2016

In the afternoon we made a sparkly star to help Father Christmas find our house…thanks for the added Christmas craft activity Royal Mail Santa!  And then there was a lot of Christmas song singing complete with flashing Rudolph nose.

Today, Little Bear woke up really early and didn’t even attempt to stay in bed until his sun came up on his clock!  We didn’t even attempt to put him back to bed either, it would have been completely pointless, he was bouncing off the walls with excitement!

With a busy few days behind us today is all about preparing for tomorrow – tidying, cleaning, and finding plates that are only used once a year!  I’ve even had a toy shuffle to make room for some of the new ones.  And Little Bear is just happily playing, still in pyjamas, just enjoying having some time to himself before the crazy chaos of the next few days!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!!

Christmas Week – Tuesday and Wednesday

Christmas Week – Tuesday and Wednesday

On Tuesday morning we had a minor meltdown.  Little Bear was making up songs and started singing “Father Christmas is rubbish”, to which Daddy replied,”No, you can’t say that or he won’t bring you any presents!”

I have never seen a face crumple so completely.  Little Bear burst into tears immediately and couldn’t be consoled, and it was a good 5 minutes before we could convince him that he would still get presents.  Not the most festive of starts!

In the afternoon we watched Polar Express which is becoming his Christmas favourite, and then went searching for Christmas lights.  We drove past a house which has Father Christmas waving in the window which he loves almost as much as his “Christmas Light Searching Snack”…aka a few chocolate buttons!  Well, it is Christmas!

Wednesday was a busy day with a play date and card exchange in the morning before going to Tulley’s Farm to visit the big man.

It was a wonderful afternoon!  We visited reindeer, walked through the magic elf forest, and so much more.  We made reindeer food – the third bag this year that we now have to leave out having received some as gifts already, I’m a bit worried they won’t be able to take off when they leave here.  Little Bear decorated a gingerbread man – eventually…it was quite a long wait and as soon as we were in the kitchen with Mother Christmas he decided he needed a wee so after a quick toilet break he returned to his workbench.  He stood by himself next to children over twice his age who towered above him but he listened well and copied the others when it was time to decorate, Mr Independent!

He wrote another letter to Santa asking for a trumpet (thanks Nanny Willow!) which he left off his original letter (shame) and posted it in the post box.  He saw some reindeer and stroked their antlers, he watched singing chickens, and then warmed himself by the fire.

But best of all we went to visit Father Christmas in his house in the woods.  We took a sleigh ride with some other children and an elf, and then she left us with a sleeping Father Christmas.  It was a great Father Christmas and he told the children a story before they took turns sitting with him for a photo.  Little Bear got given a star to take to the workshop where we made our own present helped by the elves – a Build a Bear!

It was so magical and definitely something we will try to do again next year!

Only 3 more sleeps!

Christmas Week – Monday

Christmas Week – Monday

After a weekend full of Christmas activities, including a theatre trip and some early present opening, today marked the start of a crazy week leading up to the big day.

Our usual Monday consists of preschool but as it’s Christmas holidays we went to a dance group instead.  Little Bear loves this, plus loads of people we know go to it so it meant we got to catch up with them before Christmas.  He was so engrossed in the dancing and following the teacher that I could have got away with not being there!  At the end I told him we needed to say Happy Christmas to everyone, meaning everyone we know!  I looked round and there he was approaching everyone in the room!!  Nothing like being over familiar Little Bear!

Then this afternoon we had friends round for a pre-Christmas play.  The three of them, on the whole, played really well and us mums managed to drink hot drinks whilst they were, if not boiling, then at least warm!  There was exchanging of cards and presents, with everyone happy with what they got.  Except perhaps my friends as I gave their children big art and craft boxes, enjoy the glitter ladies!

On the topic of presents, it seems our Christmas morning might be slightly drawn it.  I had forgotten that Little Bear likes to read/open/play with everything he opens before moving onto the next present.  I mean, I love that he clearly appreciates new things, and I would much rather it be like this than the opposite, but…we’re on a tight schedule!!! We have dinner to cook!!  At his pace we’ll still be opening presents a week later!

“I was definitely an angel”

“I was definitely an angel”

No no Little Bear, you were definitely a shepherd!  Despite the outfit, and having to sit with toy sheep, Little Bear is still convinced he was an angel in his nativity.

I have to admit, I did well up a little bit when I saw him walk in, but that soon turned to suppressed giggles when I heard him asking around for tissue for his nose!

He did everything he was meant to, sang along, danced in his chair, walked round the room, and stood on stage. He looked quite serious throughout, determined to do things right!

The only issue with the whole thing…I still don’t know what the weasel was meant to be!

Little Bear’s Nativity Debut

Little Bear’s Nativity Debut

With all the chaos and fun of Christmas it’s been a busy few weeks for us, but today, for half an hour, I get to sit down and be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas – watching twenty preschoolers run around a hall forgetting their lines and waving at their tear stained parents!

Little Bear has told us that he is a Wise Man, a Shepherd, and an Angel.  However unlikely it may seem, it appears he is actually an angel given the costume description.  He also proudly told us he has to sing, “Wake up shepherds, shout to the weasel”…now I don’t know about you but weasels didn’t feature in my school nativities! He’s quite adamant though so I can’t wait to find out what he’s meant to be singing.

He’s been practising “Away in a Manger” for the last few weeks as well, and hearing that angelic tone multiplied by 20, well, it’s nailed on for Christmas Number 1!

In all honesty though, I’m actually really looking forward to it!  I’m expecting tears of every emotion, and it will certainly be one to remember!

1st December

1st December

The advent calendars have been started!

Little Bear has 2 this year.  I bought one with a nativity scene quite a while back which is really sweet and has lovely little pictures behind the doors.  But then he saw a Playmobil one and wanted that as well!  And to be honest, it’s pretty good.  For £20 you get a Christmas scene and a new toy to add in every day, this morning was a rocking horse for Santa’s workshop.  It’s lovely and, because it’s Playmobil, you know you’ll be able to get the toys out year after year for some festive play.

We left it by his clock last night so that when he woke up he could bring it straight in to us.  It was so lovely laying in bed hearing him so excited about opening a door!  Over breakfast he kept talking about how lovely and exciting it was…if you think this is good just wait until Christmas Day Little Bear!


He only wants five presents.  Not five from Father Christmas, just 5 in total, and he knows what he wants them to be as well.  When daddy suggested that there might be more than 5 he got a bit upset, “but I just want this many”, he said holding up five fingers.  I should be grateful that he doesn’t want much, but it’s a bit late now! Anyway, I’ve got a funny feeling that come Christmas morning he’ll change his mind…and if not, I’ll open them instead!