1st December

1st December

The advent calendars have been started!

Little Bear has 2 this year.  I bought one with a nativity scene quite a while back which is really sweet and has lovely little pictures behind the doors.  But then he saw a Playmobil one and wanted that as well!  And to be honest, it’s pretty good.  For £20 you get a Christmas scene and a new toy to add in every day, this morning was a rocking horse for Santa’s workshop.  It’s lovely and, because it’s Playmobil, you know you’ll be able to get the toys out year after year for some festive play.

We left it by his clock last night so that when he woke up he could bring it straight in to us.  It was so lovely laying in bed hearing him so excited about opening a door!  Over breakfast he kept talking about how lovely and exciting it was…if you think this is good just wait until Christmas Day Little Bear!


He only wants five presents.  Not five from Father Christmas, just 5 in total, and he knows what he wants them to be as well.  When daddy suggested that there might be more than 5 he got a bit upset, “but I just want this many”, he said holding up five fingers.  I should be grateful that he doesn’t want much, but it’s a bit late now! Anyway, I’ve got a funny feeling that come Christmas morning he’ll change his mind…and if not, I’ll open them instead! 


One thought on “1st December

  1. Every morning I have to try explaining to Noah it’s one door per day… he is never happy about it! 😄 what an amazing little boy you have to not want everything 😊 I am sure come Christmas morning he will be overly happy about having more than five presents xx


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