Christmas Week – Monday

Christmas Week – Monday

After a weekend full of Christmas activities, including a theatre trip and some early present opening, today marked the start of a crazy week leading up to the big day.

Our usual Monday consists of preschool but as it’s Christmas holidays we went to a dance group instead.  Little Bear loves this, plus loads of people we know go to it so it meant we got to catch up with them before Christmas.  He was so engrossed in the dancing and following the teacher that I could have got away with not being there!  At the end I told him we needed to say Happy Christmas to everyone, meaning everyone we know!  I looked round and there he was approaching everyone in the room!!  Nothing like being over familiar Little Bear!

Then this afternoon we had friends round for a pre-Christmas play.  The three of them, on the whole, played really well and us mums managed to drink hot drinks whilst they were, if not boiling, then at least warm!  There was exchanging of cards and presents, with everyone happy with what they got.  Except perhaps my friends as I gave their children big art and craft boxes, enjoy the glitter ladies!

On the topic of presents, it seems our Christmas morning might be slightly drawn it.  I had forgotten that Little Bear likes to read/open/play with everything he opens before moving onto the next present.  I mean, I love that he clearly appreciates new things, and I would much rather it be like this than the opposite, but…we’re on a tight schedule!!! We have dinner to cook!!  At his pace we’ll still be opening presents a week later!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Week – Monday

  1. I think the anticipation of Christmas is the best bit.. just go with the flow on the day, I prepare most of the food the night before because I want to share the day with the kids and not be stuck in the kitchen missing out. Get people to muck in too! Enjoy the rest of your week x

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