Christmas Week – Tuesday and Wednesday

Christmas Week – Tuesday and Wednesday

On Tuesday morning we had a minor meltdown.  Little Bear was making up songs and started singing “Father Christmas is rubbish”, to which Daddy replied,”No, you can’t say that or he won’t bring you any presents!”

I have never seen a face crumple so completely.  Little Bear burst into tears immediately and couldn’t be consoled, and it was a good 5 minutes before we could convince him that he would still get presents.  Not the most festive of starts!

In the afternoon we watched Polar Express which is becoming his Christmas favourite, and then went searching for Christmas lights.  We drove past a house which has Father Christmas waving in the window which he loves almost as much as his “Christmas Light Searching Snack”…aka a few chocolate buttons!  Well, it is Christmas!

Wednesday was a busy day with a play date and card exchange in the morning before going to Tulley’s Farm to visit the big man.

It was a wonderful afternoon!  We visited reindeer, walked through the magic elf forest, and so much more.  We made reindeer food – the third bag this year that we now have to leave out having received some as gifts already, I’m a bit worried they won’t be able to take off when they leave here.  Little Bear decorated a gingerbread man – eventually…it was quite a long wait and as soon as we were in the kitchen with Mother Christmas he decided he needed a wee so after a quick toilet break he returned to his workbench.  He stood by himself next to children over twice his age who towered above him but he listened well and copied the others when it was time to decorate, Mr Independent!

He wrote another letter to Santa asking for a trumpet (thanks Nanny Willow!) which he left off his original letter (shame) and posted it in the post box.  He saw some reindeer and stroked their antlers, he watched singing chickens, and then warmed himself by the fire.

But best of all we went to visit Father Christmas in his house in the woods.  We took a sleigh ride with some other children and an elf, and then she left us with a sleeping Father Christmas.  It was a great Father Christmas and he told the children a story before they took turns sitting with him for a photo.  Little Bear got given a star to take to the workshop where we made our own present helped by the elves – a Build a Bear!

It was so magical and definitely something we will try to do again next year!

Only 3 more sleeps!


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