Christmas Week – Thursday and Friday

Christmas Week – Thursday and Friday

We’re already at the end of our Christmas Week and I’m not sure how we’ve survived.

On Thursday we had a Christmas party at gymnastics.  It was basically our usual gymnastics session but with a Christmas themed Hokey Cokey warm up, three times the number of children, and some Christmas pictures hidden around for the children to find.  Little Bear loved it, although when Santa made an appearance he did question me on whether he was the real one or was Tulley’s Farm the real one.  And then Santa had a gift for everyone…reindeer food.  More blooming reindeer food.  They’re going to be better fed than Father Christmas if this trend is echoed across the nation!

Forget Hatchimals, this is the must have of Christmas 2016

In the afternoon we made a sparkly star to help Father Christmas find our house…thanks for the added Christmas craft activity Royal Mail Santa!  And then there was a lot of Christmas song singing complete with flashing Rudolph nose.

Today, Little Bear woke up really early and didn’t even attempt to stay in bed until his sun came up on his clock!  We didn’t even attempt to put him back to bed either, it would have been completely pointless, he was bouncing off the walls with excitement!

With a busy few days behind us today is all about preparing for tomorrow – tidying, cleaning, and finding plates that are only used once a year!  I’ve even had a toy shuffle to make room for some of the new ones.  And Little Bear is just happily playing, still in pyjamas, just enjoying having some time to himself before the crazy chaos of the next few days!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!!


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