Welcome to Lilliput

Welcome to Lilliput

Little Bear’s latest growth spurt sees him take on the role of Gulliver, here you can see him exploring Lilliput!

Little Bear the Gentleman

Little Bear the Gentleman

This morning Little Bear gave me a bunch of Duplo flowers, I said thank you, and that it’s nice to give flowers to people we love.

As we were getting ready for a play date he asked me if he could give his friends his Duplo flowers because “I love them mummy”.  I said he couldn’t because obviously they’re his toys and he would want them back.  And his response?  “Hmmm, maybe I’ll buy them some real ones”.

And so, an hour later, we turned up at our friend’s house with two bunches of daffodils for the girls!  I’m not sure they were particularly fussed but their mummy liked them!!

His efforts were rewarded with delicious vegetable pasta and homemade flapjacks, and a babycino with marshmallows…what more does a boy need?!

Take note of this day Little Bear – remember that girls like flowers, they like compliments, they like manners…keep all these qualities and you’ll grow up to be a wonderful man, just like your daddy xx

The Thing About Children…

The Thing About Children…

Is that they create even more washing than husbands!

When Little Bear was a baby there was load after load of muslins, vests, and bibs all soaked in dribble.  Then there was the weaning stage and although he wasn’t particularly messy we had our fair share of carrot and sweet potato stained clothes.  Then the toilet training stage…I don’t think we need to go into details.

And now, he’s generally very clean.  Until he sees me empty the laundry basket!!  This is some kind of signal to regress – to throw food every where, to sneeze all over clothes, to wee (or more 🙈) in his pants.  I try to use stealth methods but with open plan living it’s hard to hide things.

Meanwhile, daddy is happily wearing two pairs of socks a day and “helping” by dying my clothes should he ever decide to put the washing on!

Little Bear also likesm to “help” put the washing out…a task which, in itself, usually results in half the load needing to go back in.

Perhaps my boys just like the smell of freshly washed clothes?  Perhaps they like the sound of the washing machine?  Perhaps, they just have an inability to pick an outfit, and stay in it all day?!  Whatever it is, they’re certainly keeping me in a job!

Go to sleep Little Bear!

Go to sleep Little Bear!

So far this evening Little Bear has called out for a drink, a wee, and a kiss…I’m sensing some delaying tactics!  This type of demand I usually refuse after the first, especially the toilet trip, he never needs to go more than once before bed, it’s just a game.  But the cry that I always answer, the most recent addition to his repertoire, is, for example, “Mummy, frog begins with f”…yes it does darling, and how can I ignore your cleverness, but at the same time….GO TO SLEEP!!!

So far tonight we have had:

C is for camel; F is for frog; G is for goat; T is for tiger; W is for whale.

Maybe I need to move the alphabet poster?!  Maybe he needs to close his eyes?!

A Fireman Came for Lunch!

A Fireman Came for Lunch!

Today, after a morning of unpacking bags and doing the washing, I had a wonderful treat for lunch.

I got to sit down with the cutest Fireman in town…

So far today he’s put out a fire on the footstool, on his bed, and in the hall.  Without this little hero my whole house would be up in flames and I would be powerless to stop it!

On a side note, I did the horribly embarrassing thing of falling over on the way to collect Little Bear from playgroup.  I completely stacked it, soaked jeans and jarred wrists! And there were witnesses so I just had to get up and pretend it hadn’t hurt before turning the corner and letting out a large sob!

Oh well, it’s not like I’ve just done the washing or anything…oh wait 😫

Pirate Day!

Pirate Day!

Today has been all about Pirates for Little Bear.  He decided to get his pirate ships out this morning, they sailed to faraway islands and found treasure, and then our sofa became the pirate ship and we had to dodge sharks and swim with dolphins before falling in “muddy green slime”…yuck!  And then the telescope broke and that ended that game, and got me searching Amazon!

But this pirate play had got me thinking.  I wanted to make some healthy snacks for Little Bear and as he loves pirates maybe there was a way to incorporate this.  I came across a recipe for spinach muffins and the mixture looked exactly like muddy green slime!  So at 9 o’clock this morning we started to bake!

Perfect colour for a cake, don’t you agree?

Little Bear loves cooking and helped to measure, pour, blitz, and mix.  Then we put them in the oven and went to get dressed.  The outcome was really tasty, although not quite as green as I expected, and Little Bear seemed to agree wanting a second before the crumbs from the first had been wiped away!

Taste Test!

We then headed out to the park, with our pirate scooter helmet on and then played on all the equipment as if it was a big pirate ship!  After a pirate feast (tuna sandwich and grapes) we headed to the beach to throw stones and look for boats.  But then Little Bear spotted something, one of the houses had a pirate flag outside and he was desperate to visit it.  He scooted up to it and quietly asked if this was where the pirates lived, of course I told him that they did and I think that made his day – which was just as well because by this stage my toes and nose were frozen solid and any hint of disappointment would not have been well received!

Lovely weather for pirate spotting ❄️

Today really has been one of those days you dream of having, a day when you genuinely love the company of each other and have fun together.  We’ve baked, played outside for hours despite the cold, we’ve done some sticking, talked about our day over a hot chocolate, and had some lovely time playing. 

Too often there is a pressure to fill the day with groups and classes, and often getting out the house on time causes the first tensions of the day.  Today, we left ourselves free of these restraints and have just gone with our own ideas and timings…and what a great day it’s been.

Anyway, best go and hang the washing out now…we’ll, something had to ruin the bliss didn’t it?!

Hello Mr Shopkeeper

Hello Mr Shopkeeper

Little Bear has enjoyed imaginary play for some time now and before Christmas we spent a lot of time pretending to fly on a sleigh and deliver presents, not to mention the huge number of restaurants we had to visit.  One of his Christmas presents was therefore the perfect accompaniment to this type of play…a till!

It’s safe to say he loves it and will happily play “shops” morning, noon, and night.  His imagination has no limits, he creates stories and scenarios that keep the game going and going…and going…and going…

And here lies the problem!  I always thought I had quite a good attention span for this type of play, it’s something I definitely remember enjoying as a child, and I loved it when Little Bear started to explore it.  I imagined the two of us happily creating our own stories, playing for hours.  And yet now, whenever he says, “Let’s play shops!”, a little piece of me slowly starts silently sobbing and I reach for my phone as a sneaky relief when I’ve sent him to the back of the shop for some obscure item!

It’s just hard to maintain the level of enthusiasm that he requires.  It’s hard to continually think of new things to buy.  It’s hard to drive my imaginary car and imaginary baby round in a circle and keep forgetting petrol/cheese/a trumpet before going to Mr Shopkeeper who apparently has everything and who sells everything for £5!  It’s either a bargain or a rip off, there’s no in between.

And to cap it all off, we had some stupid idea to try dry January, so I can’t even ask Mr Shopkeeper for a bottle of wine!