The Aftermath

The Aftermath

Well that was a crazy Christmas!  I feel like our feet have barely touched the ground since Christmas Eve and now it’s back to reality with a bump.

Little Bear had a wonderful time, and was completely and utterly spoilt by everyone and in every way possible – presents, food, time, and love.  The problem now is that whilst we know it’s back to normal, and so does Little Bear in some aspects, his brain is still in Christmas mode and is expecting the same treatment to continue.  It’s hard for him to understand, but he’s doing well bless him…and let’s be honest, after 10 days of company, I’m willing to still be a bit flexible to save my sanity.

I’m just eager to know when Little Bear will decide to stop singing Christmas songs…I’m not sure how far into the year I can cope with Away in a Manger!

Little Bear has also developed a love affair with the adaptation of “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”.  I can see why, it’s great…just perhaps not 10 times in 10 days!  His favourite part is the added “We’re going on a poo hunt”, his face opens up into the biggest grin everytime he hears it – toilet humour is alive and well in this house.

And the final great threat to my sanity…Playmobil!  Until now Little Bear has had Playmobil 123, the bigger, less parts, less painful to stand on sibling of regular Playmobil.  This Christmas saw all that change.  We now have a box full of microscopic ducks, vegetables, and wrist cuffs…I mean, wrist cuffs?! Why do they need to detattachable?!  I’ll tell you why, to torment parents! 

Anyway, Little Bear loves it so I suppose that’s the main thing…best get back to building a Duplo New York now, the Playmobil family need a holiday apparently – I’m a slave to my 2 year old!


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