Hello Mr Shopkeeper

Hello Mr Shopkeeper

Little Bear has enjoyed imaginary play for some time now and before Christmas we spent a lot of time pretending to fly on a sleigh and deliver presents, not to mention the huge number of restaurants we had to visit.  One of his Christmas presents was therefore the perfect accompaniment to this type of play…a till!

It’s safe to say he loves it and will happily play “shops” morning, noon, and night.  His imagination has no limits, he creates stories and scenarios that keep the game going and going…and going…and going…

And here lies the problem!  I always thought I had quite a good attention span for this type of play, it’s something I definitely remember enjoying as a child, and I loved it when Little Bear started to explore it.  I imagined the two of us happily creating our own stories, playing for hours.  And yet now, whenever he says, “Let’s play shops!”, a little piece of me slowly starts silently sobbing and I reach for my phone as a sneaky relief when I’ve sent him to the back of the shop for some obscure item!

It’s just hard to maintain the level of enthusiasm that he requires.  It’s hard to continually think of new things to buy.  It’s hard to drive my imaginary car and imaginary baby round in a circle and keep forgetting petrol/cheese/a trumpet before going to Mr Shopkeeper who apparently has everything and who sells everything for £5!  It’s either a bargain or a rip off, there’s no in between.

And to cap it all off, we had some stupid idea to try dry January, so I can’t even ask Mr Shopkeeper for a bottle of wine!


One thought on “Hello Mr Shopkeeper

  1. Haha!! Bless him! My little girl got the Disney Princess till so I’m in the same boat as you! …. She is constantly asking for items out my handbag to sell in her shop …. so all I get out of it is an empty handbag, lost make up items, and a messy livingroom!! xx


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