Pirate Day!

Pirate Day!

Today has been all about Pirates for Little Bear.  He decided to get his pirate ships out this morning, they sailed to faraway islands and found treasure, and then our sofa became the pirate ship and we had to dodge sharks and swim with dolphins before falling in “muddy green slime”…yuck!  And then the telescope broke and that ended that game, and got me searching Amazon!

But this pirate play had got me thinking.  I wanted to make some healthy snacks for Little Bear and as he loves pirates maybe there was a way to incorporate this.  I came across a recipe for spinach muffins and the mixture looked exactly like muddy green slime!  So at 9 o’clock this morning we started to bake!

Perfect colour for a cake, don’t you agree?

Little Bear loves cooking and helped to measure, pour, blitz, and mix.  Then we put them in the oven and went to get dressed.  The outcome was really tasty, although not quite as green as I expected, and Little Bear seemed to agree wanting a second before the crumbs from the first had been wiped away!

Taste Test!

We then headed out to the park, with our pirate scooter helmet on and then played on all the equipment as if it was a big pirate ship!  After a pirate feast (tuna sandwich and grapes) we headed to the beach to throw stones and look for boats.  But then Little Bear spotted something, one of the houses had a pirate flag outside and he was desperate to visit it.  He scooted up to it and quietly asked if this was where the pirates lived, of course I told him that they did and I think that made his day – which was just as well because by this stage my toes and nose were frozen solid and any hint of disappointment would not have been well received!

Lovely weather for pirate spotting ❄️

Today really has been one of those days you dream of having, a day when you genuinely love the company of each other and have fun together.  We’ve baked, played outside for hours despite the cold, we’ve done some sticking, talked about our day over a hot chocolate, and had some lovely time playing. 

Too often there is a pressure to fill the day with groups and classes, and often getting out the house on time causes the first tensions of the day.  Today, we left ourselves free of these restraints and have just gone with our own ideas and timings…and what a great day it’s been.

Anyway, best go and hang the washing out now…we’ll, something had to ruin the bliss didn’t it?!


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