A Fireman Came for Lunch!

A Fireman Came for Lunch!

Today, after a morning of unpacking bags and doing the washing, I had a wonderful treat for lunch.

I got to sit down with the cutest Fireman in town…

So far today he’s put out a fire on the footstool, on his bed, and in the hall.  Without this little hero my whole house would be up in flames and I would be powerless to stop it!

On a side note, I did the horribly embarrassing thing of falling over on the way to collect Little Bear from playgroup.  I completely stacked it, soaked jeans and jarred wrists! And there were witnesses so I just had to get up and pretend it hadn’t hurt before turning the corner and letting out a large sob!

Oh well, it’s not like I’ve just done the washing or anything…oh wait 😫


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