The Thing About Children…

The Thing About Children…

Is that they create even more washing than husbands!

When Little Bear was a baby there was load after load of muslins, vests, and bibs all soaked in dribble.  Then there was the weaning stage and although he wasn’t particularly messy we had our fair share of carrot and sweet potato stained clothes.  Then the toilet training stage…I don’t think we need to go into details.

And now, he’s generally very clean.  Until he sees me empty the laundry basket!!  This is some kind of signal to regress – to throw food every where, to sneeze all over clothes, to wee (or more 🙈) in his pants.  I try to use stealth methods but with open plan living it’s hard to hide things.

Meanwhile, daddy is happily wearing two pairs of socks a day and “helping” by dying my clothes should he ever decide to put the washing on!

Little Bear also likesm to “help” put the washing out…a task which, in itself, usually results in half the load needing to go back in.

Perhaps my boys just like the smell of freshly washed clothes?  Perhaps they like the sound of the washing machine?  Perhaps, they just have an inability to pick an outfit, and stay in it all day?!  Whatever it is, they’re certainly keeping me in a job!


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