Little Bear the Gentleman

Little Bear the Gentleman

This morning Little Bear gave me a bunch of Duplo flowers, I said thank you, and that it’s nice to give flowers to people we love.

As we were getting ready for a play date he asked me if he could give his friends his Duplo flowers because “I love them mummy”.  I said he couldn’t because obviously they’re his toys and he would want them back.  And his response?  “Hmmm, maybe I’ll buy them some real ones”.

And so, an hour later, we turned up at our friend’s house with two bunches of daffodils for the girls!  I’m not sure they were particularly fussed but their mummy liked them!!

His efforts were rewarded with delicious vegetable pasta and homemade flapjacks, and a babycino with marshmallows…what more does a boy need?!

Take note of this day Little Bear – remember that girls like flowers, they like compliments, they like manners…keep all these qualities and you’ll grow up to be a wonderful man, just like your daddy xx


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