“It’s a Bit Cold!”

“It’s a Bit Cold!”

Yesterday we went for a family pub lunch to celebrate a birthday and Little Bear had a lovely time.

He had a new Paw Patrol sticker book which occupied him to the point of being a little anti-social – “Shall we go and say hello?”, “No mummy, let’s do another sticker!”  We now just need to buy around 50 more packs of the blooming stickers to try and get them all without too many duplicates, wish us luck.

He ate loads of dinner but then worked himself into a sugar high with the chocolate cake.  Cake and children in a restaurant – not a great combination.  Luckily we had a fairly private area so he was able to jump about with the balloons with his cousins.

He was also very excited about trying his cousin’s kite, so once we had paid the bill we wrapped ourselves up and headed to the edge of Devil’s Dyke.  I didn’t have wet/cold/windy/muddy appropriate shoes and daddy didn’t have a coat, but for Little Bear, we were prepared to sacrifice the warmth of the car.  So over we traipsed.  The kite was nearly ready.  The big climax he had been waiting for. And then…

“It’s a bit cold, let’s go back to the car.”

Oh. Okay.  Good choice Little Bear, but couldn’t you have decided this 10 minutes earlier??

I think we’ll fly a kite on a warmer day next time!

A Weekend Away and a Special Letter

A Weekend Away and a Special Letter

Last weekend we went to visit my family in Shropshire, it was the first time Little Bear had been in the car for so long and we were a little apprehensive.  However, true to form, he surprised us, and was good as gold for the four hour trip.

We had a beautiful cottage in the middle of the countryside.  Little Bear settled in straight away and over the weekend we went on walks to see horses and sheep, and to collect stones…about 20 of them, weighing him down, and obviously brought home with us as well!  And he honed his new found cricket skills in the garden, luckily with a soft ball.

He loved seeing the rest of my family and was quickly comfortable with them, he was cheeky and funny, and pretty well behaved all weekend.  Even if he did scare himself with stories of monsters in his bedroom!

And then yesterday, when daddy came home from work, Little Bear had a big surprise!  A letter from Mickey Mouse!

Daddy had the tickets emailed to him but thought that was a bit boring.  He printed them off and put them in an envelope with a letter from Mickey, Buzz, and Woody.  Little Bear loved it!  He though he was so lucky and grinned from ear to ear!

Not long to wait now, best get watching those Disney films!

Green Fingered Bear

Green Fingered Bear

On Monday afternoon, Little Bear and I packed a weeks worth of activities into one afternoon to distract from the upset of not seeing his poorly friend.  Seriously, the tears for his buddy were heartfelt, but after 10 minutes the snivelling and wailing really had made its point and there was no need for the next 10 minutes to reinforce the emotion.

We had a tea party with teddies, washed up their cups, did the Hokey Cokey, made daddy a picture, did some number activities (his choice, not mine, and his attention span was much longer than mine), and planted some cress seeds.

Little Bear helped to put the cotton wool into the pots and then sprinkled the seeds over the top.  I showed him how much water to pour on the first one and then let him do the second…well, who needs to pour when tipping causes a far more efficient action?!  The cotton wool was sodden and compacted towards the bottom of the pot and the cress seeds floated up above it.  I was doubting whether this particular pot was going to grow, and I was even doubtful about my own watering skills, I know cress is simple, but I do have a tendency to kill plants.

Every few hours since sowing them Little Bear has been climbing up on a chair and watching them.  This morning they’ve sprouted quite a bit and he was so excited, he can’t wait to eat it!

However…we’re going away this weekend.  I’m going to come back to find it all withered aren’t I?!  Wish me luck!

Baking with Daddy

Baking with Daddy

Yesterday Little Bear had big dreams for the day, “as a special treat I want to stay at home all day“.  I can’t say this filled me with joy, I get cabin fever at an alarming rate!  Daddy suggested doing some cooking and Little Bear agreed, and even broke his self imposed seclusion to go out to buy ingredients.

The thing that baffles me though is that when I do baking with Little Bear, I manage it just the two of us, but when Daddy does it I’m called upon to beat eggs and line trays!  And maybe do a bit of the clean up too!

Little Bear helped to pour, mix, and beat, but stayed clear of actually touching the mixture, he’s not keen on mess.  He was most excited about the tasting though, and I have to hand it to them, they’re good cookies!

I love watching them do things together.  It’s so important for children to not see things as boy or girl activities, to have both male and female role models for a range of activities.  Well done daddy, we think you’re the best!

“Please can we take my scooter!”

“Please can we take my scooter!”

Yesterday started with blue skies and spring like sunshine, it prompted Little Bear to ask if we could go to the beach and scoot home after gymnastics, a good 40 minute walk. Without checking the forecast I agreed so we set off in the morning loaded with lunch, scooter, helmet, wellies, buggy, kitchen sink.

As gymnastics progressed I saw the sky getting darker and began regretting my decision.  By the time we reached the park the sky looked like the world was ending and the wind had picked up.  Little Bear had a quick play in the park and then scooted for 2 minutes before deciding it was too cold.  A picnic was clearly going to be out of the question.

At midday we arrived home.  I unloaded the unworn wellies, the barely used scooter and helmet, the uneaten lunch…and put down a blanket…

Don’t let the weather ruin plans!  An indoor picnic is just as good as one by a freezing cold stormy sea!

New Bedroom

New Bedroom

Just after Christmas we started thinking about changing Little Bear’s bedroom and getting him a single bed.  Our plan was to do it closer to his birthday but one thing led to another and before we knew it we had ordered furniture…oops!

This weekend we decorated and took Little Bear to choose some new bedding.  We had been talking about it beforehand and I had shown him lots of different ones, I had told him he could have whatever he wanted.  He told us he wanted a yellow bedroom so we picked out some yellow accessories, and then I showed him some yellow and grey bedding, including some really fun prints.  But no.  None of them were any good for my Little Bear.

He knew what he wanted.

He wouldn’t change his mind.

He got what he wanted…

Plain white.

Yes, plain white.  My not yet three year old was given free reign and he chose plain white.  I tried to steer him towards some colour but it made him a bit cross so that’s that, plain white it is!  He was just about persuaded to choose a yellow cushion but it was a tough negotiation.

The new furniture arrived this morning, new pictures and storage are on order.

One of his new pics!

I’m just impatient and want it all done now, and so does Little Bear, he finds it a bit strange having his wardrobe in the lounge!

Our current lounge set up!