New Bedroom

New Bedroom

Just after Christmas we started thinking about changing Little Bear’s bedroom and getting him a single bed.  Our plan was to do it closer to his birthday but one thing led to another and before we knew it we had ordered furniture…oops!

This weekend we decorated and took Little Bear to choose some new bedding.  We had been talking about it beforehand and I had shown him lots of different ones, I had told him he could have whatever he wanted.  He told us he wanted a yellow bedroom so we picked out some yellow accessories, and then I showed him some yellow and grey bedding, including some really fun prints.  But no.  None of them were any good for my Little Bear.

He knew what he wanted.

He wouldn’t change his mind.

He got what he wanted…

Plain white.

Yes, plain white.  My not yet three year old was given free reign and he chose plain white.  I tried to steer him towards some colour but it made him a bit cross so that’s that, plain white it is!  He was just about persuaded to choose a yellow cushion but it was a tough negotiation.

The new furniture arrived this morning, new pictures and storage are on order.

One of his new pics!

I’m just impatient and want it all done now, and so does Little Bear, he finds it a bit strange having his wardrobe in the lounge!

Our current lounge set up!

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