“Please can we take my scooter!”

“Please can we take my scooter!”

Yesterday started with blue skies and spring like sunshine, it prompted Little Bear to ask if we could go to the beach and scoot home after gymnastics, a good 40 minute walk. Without checking the forecast I agreed so we set off in the morning loaded with lunch, scooter, helmet, wellies, buggy, kitchen sink.

As gymnastics progressed I saw the sky getting darker and began regretting my decision.  By the time we reached the park the sky looked like the world was ending and the wind had picked up.  Little Bear had a quick play in the park and then scooted for 2 minutes before deciding it was too cold.  A picnic was clearly going to be out of the question.

At midday we arrived home.  I unloaded the unworn wellies, the barely used scooter and helmet, the uneaten lunch…and put down a blanket…

Don’t let the weather ruin plans!  An indoor picnic is just as good as one by a freezing cold stormy sea!


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