Baking with Daddy

Baking with Daddy

Yesterday Little Bear had big dreams for the day, “as a special treat I want to stay at home all day“.  I can’t say this filled me with joy, I get cabin fever at an alarming rate!  Daddy suggested doing some cooking and Little Bear agreed, and even broke his self imposed seclusion to go out to buy ingredients.

The thing that baffles me though is that when I do baking with Little Bear, I manage it just the two of us, but when Daddy does it I’m called upon to beat eggs and line trays!  And maybe do a bit of the clean up too!

Little Bear helped to pour, mix, and beat, but stayed clear of actually touching the mixture, he’s not keen on mess.  He was most excited about the tasting though, and I have to hand it to them, they’re good cookies!

I love watching them do things together.  It’s so important for children to not see things as boy or girl activities, to have both male and female role models for a range of activities.  Well done daddy, we think you’re the best!


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