Green Fingered Bear

Green Fingered Bear

On Monday afternoon, Little Bear and I packed a weeks worth of activities into one afternoon to distract from the upset of not seeing his poorly friend.  Seriously, the tears for his buddy were heartfelt, but after 10 minutes the snivelling and wailing really had made its point and there was no need for the next 10 minutes to reinforce the emotion.

We had a tea party with teddies, washed up their cups, did the Hokey Cokey, made daddy a picture, did some number activities (his choice, not mine, and his attention span was much longer than mine), and planted some cress seeds.

Little Bear helped to put the cotton wool into the pots and then sprinkled the seeds over the top.  I showed him how much water to pour on the first one and then let him do the second…well, who needs to pour when tipping causes a far more efficient action?!  The cotton wool was sodden and compacted towards the bottom of the pot and the cress seeds floated up above it.  I was doubting whether this particular pot was going to grow, and I was even doubtful about my own watering skills, I know cress is simple, but I do have a tendency to kill plants.

Every few hours since sowing them Little Bear has been climbing up on a chair and watching them.  This morning they’ve sprouted quite a bit and he was so excited, he can’t wait to eat it!

However…we’re going away this weekend.  I’m going to come back to find it all withered aren’t I?!  Wish me luck!


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