A Weekend Away and a Special Letter

A Weekend Away and a Special Letter

Last weekend we went to visit my family in Shropshire, it was the first time Little Bear had been in the car for so long and we were a little apprehensive.  However, true to form, he surprised us, and was good as gold for the four hour trip.

We had a beautiful cottage in the middle of the countryside.  Little Bear settled in straight away and over the weekend we went on walks to see horses and sheep, and to collect stones…about 20 of them, weighing him down, and obviously brought home with us as well!  And he honed his new found cricket skills in the garden, luckily with a soft ball.

He loved seeing the rest of my family and was quickly comfortable with them, he was cheeky and funny, and pretty well behaved all weekend.  Even if he did scare himself with stories of monsters in his bedroom!

And then yesterday, when daddy came home from work, Little Bear had a big surprise!  A letter from Mickey Mouse!

Daddy had the tickets emailed to him but thought that was a bit boring.  He printed them off and put them in an envelope with a letter from Mickey, Buzz, and Woody.  Little Bear loved it!  He though he was so lucky and grinned from ear to ear!

Not long to wait now, best get watching those Disney films!


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