“It’s a Bit Cold!”

“It’s a Bit Cold!”

Yesterday we went for a family pub lunch to celebrate a birthday and Little Bear had a lovely time.

He had a new Paw Patrol sticker book which occupied him to the point of being a little anti-social – “Shall we go and say hello?”, “No mummy, let’s do another sticker!”  We now just need to buy around 50 more packs of the blooming stickers to try and get them all without too many duplicates, wish us luck.

He ate loads of dinner but then worked himself into a sugar high with the chocolate cake.  Cake and children in a restaurant – not a great combination.  Luckily we had a fairly private area so he was able to jump about with the balloons with his cousins.

He was also very excited about trying his cousin’s kite, so once we had paid the bill we wrapped ourselves up and headed to the edge of Devil’s Dyke.  I didn’t have wet/cold/windy/muddy appropriate shoes and daddy didn’t have a coat, but for Little Bear, we were prepared to sacrifice the warmth of the car.  So over we traipsed.  The kite was nearly ready.  The big climax he had been waiting for. And then…

“It’s a bit cold, let’s go back to the car.”

Oh. Okay.  Good choice Little Bear, but couldn’t you have decided this 10 minutes earlier??

I think we’ll fly a kite on a warmer day next time!


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