The Public Face

The Public Face

Yesterday was one of those mornings where you question everything you thought you knew about parenting and are contemplating locking yourself in a dark room for a bit of peace.

Little Bear was just annoying! Can I say that about my “angel” child?!  He just took forever to do anything.  Washing his face, taking off pyjamas, choosing a top, choosing a book…everything was a long drawn out process and it left me despairing for the rest of the day.

But then we went out.

We got to the library and he sat beautifully on a chair, turning around every now and again to cuddle me and say, “I love you mummy” prompting heartfelt “ah bless him, how sweet” responses from those around us. Hmmm, if only they knew.

Then we went swimming.  That passed without much event except him refusing to put his face in the water for the 99th lesson in a row…come on Little Bear, the excuse of “my bubbles have run out” just isn’t cute anymore!

After swimming we went to a friend’s for lunch and a play.  Before he sat down to eat he stopped in his tracks, raised a hand, and so sincerely announced that, “I need to wash my hands first”.  Great, brilliant, just what I want you to do before meals.  But you never do it at home!

At home, I’m sure he thinks that soap and water from the sink is poison.  He avoids it like the plague.  Yet here he was voluntarily going to wash his hands.  Gobsmacked!  Who is this child?!

Who knew that at such a tender age he would be able to switch his loveable side on and off to suit his audience?  Naively I assumed the “annoying” mood was just the way he had woken up, turns out it was just for my benefit and his angel side was just being reserved for his adoring public…I guess I should be grateful about that!


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