Worker Bear

Worker Bear

This weekend we put up the new pictures in Little Bear’s bedroom.  I use “we” in the loosest sense, all I contributed was, “left a bit, up a bit”, but you know, it was a valuable role.

With this job done I turned my focus to his table.  The old art caddy just wasn’t cutting it anymore, the colours just weren’t right, and I wanted something that made everything a bit more accessible.  Channelling my inner childcarer I recalled the writing tables I used to have at work – a variety of mark making tools, paper, stamps, stickers, post-it notes – and then adapted it for home.  This afternoon Little Bear and I went to the shops for supplies and then, together, set it all out.

He has enjoyed exploring it all and come snack time he has just requested to “have it in my office please”!  Yes sir, I’ll bring it right to you!


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