Playing the System

Playing the System

Last night I got home from my weekly Bounce class and as usual Little Bear was fast asleep.

As we were making dinner my husband turned to me and said, “Did you tell him we could watch television after you went out?  He said he hadn’t watched anything all day so you said we could watch something together?”

Rewind to 4.45pm.

Little Bear had just finished playing with his garage having fixed about 29,000 cars, “Mummy can I watch CBeebies now pleasey double please??” (Topsy and Tim, thank you for that one)

My response, almost to the word, went like this, “You watched some television earlier so you have to choose, you can either have Peter Rabbit on now or you can watch Paw Patrol after dinner.”

After some careful consideration he opted for Peter Rabbit, his reasoning being he had already watched one Paw Patrol today – good logic. Decision made we carried on with the teatime routine and when daddy came home there was no mention of television.  But it turns out, barely a minute after I had said goodbye, he was completely twisting my words and wrapping daddy around his little finger!  Cunning Little Bear, very cunning.

Laying in bed this morning I decided to question him.  Was he actually cunning or did he just misinterpret?  I soon had my answer, the cheeky grin that spread over his face when I began my questioning was enough evidence to convict…guilty of deceitful childhood act!

So, note to all, if my Little Bear, or any other seemingly angelic preschooler for that matter, tries to convince you that “mummy said” something, chances are, mummy said the exact opposite!  You have been warned!


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