Play-Doh Patterns

Play-Doh Patterns

Yesterday afternoon Little Bear was flirting between activities and not really settling on anything.  I think he was just excited because grandad was here, but whatever the cause, he was wearing me out just watching him!  I decided to suggest Play-Doh as this normally keeps him still for about half an hour.  Luckily he thought this was a great idea – high five to mummy!

Little Bear began playing with it in his usual way, rolling and patting, making shapes, making peas to fill an ice cream cone with, etc., etc…but then he realised he could make prints in it if he flattened it out on the table.

Play-Doh tool were forgotten – trains, dinosaurs, and string were found.  It soon became hard to identify the individual marks but Little Bear was having a great time.  Two hours later, yes, two hours, our table looked like this…

You can barely see the Play-Doh amongst all the toys.

It’s definitely something we’ll be doing again…even though it’ll probably only last 10 minutes next time round!


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