“I love those ponies”

“I love those ponies”

5 minutes after finishing a treat from Nanny and Grandad, Little Bear uttered from the back of the car, “I love those ponies”.

As we were driving down a main road, no where near fields, we both questioned, “What ponies?!”

Little Bear – “The pony that I just had from Nanny”

Me – “Do you mean the hippo?”

LB – “Yes, the hippo.  That’s exactly what I just said!”

Me (under my breath so I don’t start a war but because I can’t stay silent) – “Well you definitely didn’t.”

Earlier in the day we had another great Little Bear moment as he told us about his dream.  It was quite long and convoluted but he had us in giggles…here’s the highlight:

LB – “So I drove in a car”

Daddy – “What, on your own?”

LB – “Of course! But it was soooo annoying because they made me pay for two tickets…”

Me – “Why did they do that?”

LB – “Because…I was dressed as an elephant!!

I mean, where does he get this stuff from? At the 4am ghost dream was replaced by something happier 👻 

“It’s a Secret!”

“It’s a Secret!”

Yesterday afternoon Little Bear and I went shopping for daddy’s birthday, I told him to keep it a secret and not tell daddy anything!  A big challenge for him, but a task I knew he was up to having successfully told me nothing about my birthday presents under extreme levels of questioning.

So we shopped, we wrapped, we hid.

Daddy came home.

“Daddy, daddy we’ve…oooh I can’t say it’s a secret!” …phew! Well done Little Bear…

“Yes it’s a secret daddy!  We’ve bought you birthday presents and have hidden them in my suitcase!”

Oh.  Right.  Not a secret anymore then?!  At least he didn’t tell him what we bought, though with a week to go there’s still time 🙈

Ho Ho Ho! Vs Disney!

Ho Ho Ho! Vs Disney!

Merry Easter!

Yes, it may be mid April, summer may (or may not) be just around the corner, but for Little Bear the spirit of Christmas is still going strong.

A while back I commented on how he was still singing Christmas songs, well guess what?  He’s still at it!  And yesterday afternoon, sitting in the warm sunshine, I had to be Father Christmas himself.  I mean, I know Christmas is great and I love it too but please Little Bear, is this not a step too far??

Our trip to Disneyland Paris is now only two weeks away, it’s time to set Mr C aside and shift focus to “the place with the ears” – a great code phrase coined by a friend! 

Little Bear is incredibly excited, and a new found love of Peter Pan is helping this along nicely…and Tinkerbell is everywhere in the park during the 25th Anniversary celebrations, amazing!  He can’t wait to see the castle, and the dragon in his lair underneath; he’s excited about the rides, the hotel, the fireworks; and he’s desperate to meet Buzz and Woody – fingers crossed!

 Yesterday we made a countdown chart which, thanks to Daddy’s wonderful input, I had to draw characters on.  Now, drawing isn’t exactly my forte but check out Dumbo, I’m quite proud.

It’s going to be a very busy trip but lots of fun too, I can’t wait to see Little Bear’s face when we arrive!  And hopefully, Father Christmas will be completely forgotten for a few days!

Easter is Here!

Easter is Here!

So here it is, 10th April, the first relatively quiet day of the month.  So far we’ve been visiting family, having egg hunts, celebrating my birthday, and cleaning up our balcony…to name a few things!

I kept today, the first day of the holidays, free as I haven’t seen Little Bear much over the weekend as I went away for a birthday treat.  Well, by 9 o’clock Little Bear was not appreciating this gesture and I was met with cries of “but I want my friends to come over!”  Ok, ok, operation Easter needs to commence right now!

So far, four hours into the Easter holidays, we have made frozen banana yoghurt eggs (the alternative healthy Easter treat), tackled a Paw Patrol Easter magazine from cover to cover, made 8 Easter cards in a variety of chick and rabbit designs, and been shopping for some Easter gifts for his cousins.

The problem is, he’s also tired after a busy weekend with Nanny and Grandad which means as soon as he isn’t engaged in an activity he’s just a little bit grumpy and unsure what to do…but don’t even think about mentioning this to him!  It causes feet stamping and angry faces and strong protests, it just isn’t worth it.

And so, to allow myself 5 minutes peace and him some rest time, he’s currently watching the end of Monsters Inc.  Happy Easter holidays everyone! 🐥