Super Strong!

Super Strong!

Little Bear has always been a very good eater, there aren’t many things he won’t eat and he has a great appetite.  The only real battle ground so far has been raw carrot and cucumber sticks – that easy, go to, healthy snack loved by children length and breadth of the country.

The last couple of weeks have seen a change to this though and he’s suddenly become happy to try and, dare I say it, enjoy his crudités.

It was after a weekend packed with parties when I asked him, “Why don’t you ever eat carrot sticks at parties, like your friends do?”, and he just said, “I don’t know, but I would if you gave them to me”.

And so the conversation continued with me in utter disbelief until I finally pulled a carrot out of the fridge and said, “So if I cut this up, will you eat it?”  And lo and behold he munched away without batting an eyelid.

The week after, and about 3 carrots later, he decided to give cucumber a whirl at a party.  He munched it down…good boy Little Bear!

And so he’s continued.  He’s eating a bigger range of vegetables with dinner, raw veggies as snacks, asking for different fruit on the shopping list.  And so our list of things he won’t eat has shrunk further still and I’ve packed him off to preschool with a lunch full of the requested carrot and cucumber sticks!

The downside?  He thinks it’s making him a “super strong” superhero which involves lots of trying to push over tables and move sofas!


One thought on “Super Strong!

  1. I have the same battle with carrots and cucumber 🙈 they are funny little people 😂 do you have any other social media websites? Unfortunately I am taking this one down 😔 but I would like to keep updated! X


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