“I Drew Nostrils!”

“I Drew Nostrils!”

This afternoon I was backing up my photos on the laptop, a long overdue task, whilst Little Bear was in his room doing some drawing.  This, by the way, isn’t a regular occurance, it’s the first such incidence but long may it continue!

Anyway, there I was, uploading photos from March, when Little Bear shouted out, “I drew nostrils!”  Now it may not sound like much but in that moment, it was the funniest thing I had heard in a while!  Perhaps because it was a picture of daddy and, well, his nostrils are quite sizeable!

The yellow dots are the nostrils!

Since the arrival of the nostrils Little Bear hasn’t stopped drawing!  I’m now drowning in a sea of pictures, all of which he requires me to annotate.  Here are a few favourites:

A T-Rex and His Poo
An Ant Carrying a Mirror
Mummy and Baby on a Waterslide

A T-Rex and his poo? He’s a 3 year old boy, no further explanation needed.

Who knows why the ant is carrying a mirror, it’s clearly very vain.

And the waterslide picture?!  Who knows, this one came with a full story that only Little Bear’s crazy imagination could come up with.

After nearly an hour he’s still going and I’m wondering where on earth they’re all going to go!  Ideas welcome?!  And I don’t think Little Bear will accept, “In the bin”.


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