Back to Work!

Back to Work!

Yesterday I had my first real day at work since April 2014, and it was good to be doing something different.

When I told Little Bear I would be working he found it hilarious.  Every time I mentioned it he laughed and said, “that’s funny!”…well there’s something to fill you with confidence.

Turns out though that he didn’t find it that funny at all.  When we sat down for dinner, prawn risotto (one of his favourites), he cried and sat on the sofa saying he didn’t want to eat anything.  After a cuddle and daddy pretending to eat his prawns he was giggling and sat back at the table.  We asked him if he was ok and that’s when the truth came out.  He was worried that me going to work would be the same as daddy going to work – all day, every day, Monday to Friday.

I reassured him that only Monday afternoons would change for him, that I would be doing all the other playgroup drops offs and pick ups, that we would still have our special Friday lunches out.  It must be strange for him, a big change, but it will benefit us all.

For me?  It was strange not being the one to take him to gymnastics, strange not being the one to pick him up from playgroup.  But, it was nice getting home just after 4 o’clock and sitting together doing a magazine and then making dinner together, rather than him craving the television and me begging for a bit of peace!

Welcome to our new routine!


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