What a Day!

What a Day!

Today is a big day for Little Bear.  I’ve got some real treats lined up for him…

Pre-school jabs and the dentist.  I know, I know, I’m too kind to him aren’t I?  We also have to miss swimming because of the dentist so there’s another black mark against today.

The last round of vaccinations were a couple of years ago.  He doesn’t remember them but I do, and it was fairly traumatic for all involved.  And this time he knows what is happening to him so he’s reluctant from the start – he tried to hide behind the footstool this morning.  Wish me luck!

The dentist has always been quite an easy one so fingers crossed that goes ok.  Although it’s a new one today, and that makes me nervous. I’ll just make him go first I think!

But there is a silver lining to the day.  We are rounding off our Tuesday with a birthday party for one of his friends who has started school.  He is incredibly excited about it so hopefully that will get us through the day!

Happy Tuesday everyone 😱😱


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