“We’ll buy you a toothbrush tomorrow”

“We’ll buy you a toothbrush tomorrow”

I said these words to Little Bear on Sunday evening when the battery started to go on his Minions toothbrush mid clean.  And here it is, Friday, and I’ve said those words every day since Sunday.  Surely today is the day I can achieve this small task??

It’s just been one of those weeks where an hour at the park has turned into 3 or 4 lazy hazy hours with friends, where the rain has tumbled down and we’ve busied ourselves with Hama beads, where a 30 minute swimming lesson has turned into a day trip.  And so the toothbrush has been sidelined.

Twice a day I’ve cursed myself for this oversight.  No one enjoys brushing their teeth with an electric toothbrush that has no battery, least of all Little Bear, especially when it’s couple with “the world’s yuckiest toothpaste”.

So today we have very few plans and my sole objective, the only thing on the list, in big bold letters, is to Buy a toothbrush!  Surely I can’t fail.

Blast this Summer Holiday!

Blast this Summer Holiday!

As Little Bear/Captain Hook would say, “Blast this Summer Holiday, and blast this weather!”

Day three of week one (6 more weeks to go) and the weather seems to have forgotten it’s summer.  Today was wet, windy, and miserable for us, and although we did manage to get out and had a play date at home the day still felt a bit gloomy.  Little Bear got so fed up with the wind and cold that he went to find winter clothes…

And he’s been in nothing but shorts since early May so he must have felt a weather shift!

Now I’m sure it’s just good old nostalgia, but didn’t the summer holidays used to be sunny??  I mean, ok, not every day but with the August forecast described as “changeable”, I can’t help but feel our seasons are changing.  And the other issue I have with the weather is how, in their winter, Australia is only a few degrees colder than here today?!

Anyway, I digress.  It’s day 3 of the summer holidays and I’m already itching for September!  I love my Little Bear more than words, but he needs to be able to be independent for a few hours.  We’ve had a fairly busy three days, yet I can still tell from his mood that he has energy to burn and I think that it’s a type of energy only playgroup can provide for him.  That environment of listening to teachers, interacting with a large group of children, having to hold your own and be confident – it’s as much a mental energy as it is physical, and that’s what he needs.

Today I was trying to have a shower and he kept asking me how to spell words, how to write letters, to show him a “f”.  It’s not totally out of character for him to be interested in this type of activity but it is quite unusual for him to initiate it, uninvited or unprompted by me or a magazine.  And so, I was thinking that this, perhaps, is part of him channelling his mental energy.  There could be worse ways I guess.

And then he gave me a worse way. I have mentioned before that I sometimes find playing “shops” a little tedious, well today he showed me a whole new level of tedium.  Today, we played “Teacup Travels”.  For anyone not familiar with the CBeebies show of the same name then it basically involves a boy/girl travelling back in time to help someone with a very random task all narrated by their Great Aunt who has a teacup depicting that very story.  So today, we sat down with our cups of tea and I had to go on an adventure narrated by Little Bear.  

According to my phone, the whole thing took less than 5 minutes but in my head I had been there for hours trekking through China.

Is this the timeline of my summer?  Will I be ready for Christmas decorations before mid August? Or will it plateau – will we both get used to having each other around and ease back into a relaxed, sunny, blissful summer?  Fingers crossed!

Christmas Week – Monday

Christmas Week – Monday

After a weekend full of Christmas activities, including a theatre trip and some early present opening, today marked the start of a crazy week leading up to the big day.

Our usual Monday consists of preschool but as it’s Christmas holidays we went to a dance group instead.  Little Bear loves this, plus loads of people we know go to it so it meant we got to catch up with them before Christmas.  He was so engrossed in the dancing and following the teacher that I could have got away with not being there!  At the end I told him we needed to say Happy Christmas to everyone, meaning everyone we know!  I looked round and there he was approaching everyone in the room!!  Nothing like being over familiar Little Bear!

Then this afternoon we had friends round for a pre-Christmas play.  The three of them, on the whole, played really well and us mums managed to drink hot drinks whilst they were, if not boiling, then at least warm!  There was exchanging of cards and presents, with everyone happy with what they got.  Except perhaps my friends as I gave their children big art and craft boxes, enjoy the glitter ladies!

On the topic of presents, it seems our Christmas morning might be slightly drawn it.  I had forgotten that Little Bear likes to read/open/play with everything he opens before moving onto the next present.  I mean, I love that he clearly appreciates new things, and I would much rather it be like this than the opposite, but…we’re on a tight schedule!!! We have dinner to cook!!  At his pace we’ll still be opening presents a week later!

Baby vs Toddler

Baby vs Toddler

Before having Little Bear I wasn’t the biggest baby fan, I expected to be happy once that phase was over, hand me a 2 year old and I’ll be happy!

And to honest, that’s mostly still true.  Babies do have perks I never factored in – they nap, are stationary, don’t ask a million questions – but overall, I’m rooting for toddlers in a world where most people would rather this phase was as short and sweet as possible!  Except, in some ways, my Little Bear is too grown up.

I love that I don’t have to change nappies anymore, but he can independently take himself to the bathroom, turn on the light, stand on his step, lift the seat, wee, flush, pull up pants, and wash and dry his hands…and he doesn’t even want me in the bathroom at home!

I love that he loves stories and books…but does he have to remember them so well that you can’t make a mistake, or, heaven forbid, skip a page?!

I love that he will eat pretty much anything and has a great appetite, but does he have to have such expensive taste?  Prawns, lamb, Marmite (yes Unilever, you’ve forced the inclusion of the brown stuff!)

But mostly, I love our conversations.  The way he makes me laugh with his funny sayings -“straight now”, “I just don’t believe it”, and a personal favourite, “I never heard such a thing”!  The way he creates stories and how we role play.  The way he questions, his inquisitive nature, his different voices…I love it all.  And yet…

And yet there is something to be said for the relative peace of a baby!

Just give me one more day of that cute little gurgling, the guinea pig hiccups, the squeaky sneezes!  One more day and I’ll be happy…or perhaps Little Bear could just get a really sore throat for a day or two, give me a break from all the wonderful language stuff!

An Interesting Show

An Interesting Show

Yesterday I took Little Bear to see a Puppet and Magic Show.  I wasn’t convinced it would be all that great…so I wasn’t disappointed!

The “magician” started the show by talking, just talking, about puppets and how we can use our hands and other household junk to make them.  Now, most people know this, but in reality we can’t be arsed and buying one is just much easier (we love our Melissa and Doug animal ones)…and we don’t need to listen about how to make them for 20 minutes before actually seeing a puppet.  If he had lost my attention you can be guaranteed that 80% of the children were questioning why their parents were subjecting them to this.

From then on it did get better and Little Bear joined in with the shouting and cheering during the Punch and Judy show.  I had forgotten how violent that was though!  Baby got chucked down the stairs, Judy soon followed, and then everyone else got thumped on the head with a bat.  Although Joey the Clown did remind us that hitting isn’t the way to get friends, thanks for that Joe!

We finally reached the interval after nearly an hour.  I thought the whole thing would only be an hour, just shows what I know!  Little Bear was starting to get restless so had a run around and a dance on the mat with his friend before coming back to sit with me for the magic show.

This half was, thankfully, shorter, and I have to admit I’m not really sure what tricks he did.  I zoned out completely.  However, it was clearly captivating the children and Little Bear remained still and focused – perhaps the Mini Cheddars helped with that!

So Little Bear’s first show was not the most entertaining thing I’ve ever seen, and I’m not sure he knew quite what to make of it either.  But at least he watched it, and sat relatively still.

Our next theatre trip is to see Father Christmas Needs a Wee.  Now that is something I’m looking forward to!

Rio Fever!

Rio Fever!

This week I’ve been watching a lot of the Olympics and reading a lot about the sexism that some journalists feel is tainting the event.

We’ve had female athletes referred to in terms of their sporting other halves, “the wife of…”, and comments on the attire of female athletes.  Can someone please remind me that this is 2016 where all people, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation, should be treated equally.

I don’t remember the age that I first realised men had dominance in sporting coverage, but once I did it became glaringly obvious. And this isn’t some female rant about equality in sport, it’s more than that, it’s me wanting equality for everyone.

I brought Little Bear into the world in 2014, 28 years after my own entrance, and really, what has changed? Yes there is more coverage of female sports, yes there are a few openly gay competitors, but in the grand scheme of the Olympic Games coverage it still feels a little outdated, a little forced from some media, and still bigoted from others.

I want my Little Bear to be raised in an accepting world, and surely sport has the pedestal to achieve this?  You’ve made progress world…but keep at it!

1 Prosecco, 2 Prosecco, 3 Prosecco…Floor!

1 Prosecco, 2 Prosecco, 3 Prosecco…Floor!


Ouch…my head is not in a good way today!  All those bottles of prosecco seemed like such a good idea at the time but after only a few hours sleep I think everyone would agree that we didn’t need to open the fourth bottle.

Last night we had dinner with friends that we’ve made through little bear.  It was the first time the dads had really spent much time together away from the small ones but they had beer so we knew they would be fine.

It was a lovely evening, delicious food, and plentiful alcohol…drinks were spilt, glasses broken…it was almost like a pre-child night!  Before we knew it, it was 2.30am so we stumbled out the door feeling eternally grateful that grandparents were on duty in the morning.

About 3 hours after passing out I woke up to the sound of little bears voice.  I love just laying in bed listening to him chat away with nanny and grandad, it’s one of those precious moments where your heart really swells with love…although not enough to make me get out of bed!

When I did get up he was splashing away in the bath having a wonderful time.  He had eaten loads of breakfast, played skittles, and learnt to say ‘walrus’ and ‘narwahl’…all in about an hour and half, that’s more than I can manage in a day sometimes.

Before having little bear I was worried about meeting new friends and scared that grandparents would be too controlling, my day dreams were more like nightmares.  But in truth, the last 24 hours have really made me sit back and realise how lucky we are…thank you to all our friends and family for making it all so perfect (mostly!)

The Day Dreaming Mummy