“I Drew Nostrils!”

“I Drew Nostrils!”

This afternoon I was backing up my photos on the laptop, a long overdue task, whilst Little Bear was in his room doing some drawing.  This, by the way, isn’t a regular occurance, it’s the first such incidence but long may it continue!

Anyway, there I was, uploading photos from March, when Little Bear shouted out, “I drew nostrils!”  Now it may not sound like much but in that moment, it was the funniest thing I had heard in a while!  Perhaps because it was a picture of daddy and, well, his nostrils are quite sizeable!

The yellow dots are the nostrils!

Since the arrival of the nostrils Little Bear hasn’t stopped drawing!  I’m now drowning in a sea of pictures, all of which he requires me to annotate.  Here are a few favourites:

A T-Rex and His Poo
An Ant Carrying a Mirror
Mummy and Baby on a Waterslide

A T-Rex and his poo? He’s a 3 year old boy, no further explanation needed.

Who knows why the ant is carrying a mirror, it’s clearly very vain.

And the waterslide picture?!  Who knows, this one came with a full story that only Little Bear’s crazy imagination could come up with.

After nearly an hour he’s still going and I’m wondering where on earth they’re all going to go!  Ideas welcome?!  And I don’t think Little Bear will accept, “In the bin”.

“We’ll buy you a toothbrush tomorrow”

“We’ll buy you a toothbrush tomorrow”

I said these words to Little Bear on Sunday evening when the battery started to go on his Minions toothbrush mid clean.  And here it is, Friday, and I’ve said those words every day since Sunday.  Surely today is the day I can achieve this small task??

It’s just been one of those weeks where an hour at the park has turned into 3 or 4 lazy hazy hours with friends, where the rain has tumbled down and we’ve busied ourselves with Hama beads, where a 30 minute swimming lesson has turned into a day trip.  And so the toothbrush has been sidelined.

Twice a day I’ve cursed myself for this oversight.  No one enjoys brushing their teeth with an electric toothbrush that has no battery, least of all Little Bear, especially when it’s couple with “the world’s yuckiest toothpaste”.

So today we have very few plans and my sole objective, the only thing on the list, in big bold letters, is to Buy a toothbrush!  Surely I can’t fail.

TV Dilemma

TV Dilemma

Once again the dilemma of “how much screen time” is being played out in our house.  I’m really not a fan of Little Bear watching too much but some days it feels like one of the only options left.

The summer holidays have been a bit of a washout so far and although we’ve managed to get out every day it’s not always been for as long as either of us would like.  And as many times as I’ve thought, “When does playgroup start again?”, Little Bear has said, “I miss playgroup”…so we feel each other’s pain!

I was talking to a friend the other day and I said that no matter what I do, I end up feeling guilty.  Today we have painted, cut out pictures, built, read stories, played shops, done puzzles, writing practice, explored playdough and made lunch together.  Some of this he managed to do on his own (shops thankfully, and playdough, although I joined in uninvited with this) but the majority we did together whilst having some wonderful conversations.  And yet, at 4 o’clock, I still feel guilty about turning the television on.


I guess the problem is that Little Bear won’t play on his own for long. And because of this I get bored of playing, get tired of reading the same books time after time, get frustrated by the constant “mummy play with me”, and because I’m bored I give in to television.  If he played on his own more, then I could easily wait until after dinner for the television.

So the truth is, although it can make me feel hideously guilty, I actually do it for my own sanity!  Which just makes me feel guilty all over again…viscous circle!



For the last 9 days I’ve been following a cleanse programme to help me think about my eating habits with the added bonus that it results in some speedy weight loss.

It’s really not been as hard as I was expecting, even when Little Bear insisted on cooking an extra fish finger for me, or left half a packet of Pom Bears from his lunch.  But today, day one back to “normal”, he asked to make a cake!

Now, I’m not a massive cake fan and don’t bake that much so I found a quick four ingredient recipe and we set to work.  Little Bear is doing more and more of the measuring, pouring, and mixing every time we cook and he’s really enjoying it.

Once cooked and cooled it was snack time and, obviously, he wanted some of his cake and I had to have some too.  He was most insistent and I wasn’t up for an argument, but Little Bear, I’m trying to be healthy and that didn’t help…at least it had raspberries in it!

Kim’s Game

Kim’s Game

Today marked the beginning of the second week of the summer holidays and the sun decided to shine – thankfully!

After a morning at the park catching up with family I treated Little Bear to an ice cream before heading home.  On the way back he wanted to buy a magazine and chose one with a Police Kit on the front – badge, phone, keys, notebook.  Very fitting as he had just labelled himself a detective for finding his cousin’s lost car.

After completing the magazine, and playing Police and Robber (apparently I had stolen the jewels and had to get locked in his bedroom) he set out all his new toys on the floor then ran off.  As he was away I hid one of the objects.  On his return he loved trying to guess what had moved.

Suddenly I remembered Kim’s Game and asked him to find a couple more objects.  With seven items out we each took turns removing an object and getting the other to guess what was missing.  Then we upped the challenge and removed 2/3/4 items at a time.

Little Bear thought it was brilliant fun, and itvmade him feel like even more of a detective.  At the same time he was unwittingly practising his memory skills, his counting (how many missing?), and his letters (“I’m stuck mummy, what does it begin with?”).  We probably played for nearly 20 minutes before he started to lose interest.  It’s definitely something I’ll be doing with him again and hopefully it will help to channel some of that mental energy he’s building up!

Blast this Summer Holiday!

Blast this Summer Holiday!

As Little Bear/Captain Hook would say, “Blast this Summer Holiday, and blast this weather!”

Day three of week one (6 more weeks to go) and the weather seems to have forgotten it’s summer.  Today was wet, windy, and miserable for us, and although we did manage to get out and had a play date at home the day still felt a bit gloomy.  Little Bear got so fed up with the wind and cold that he went to find winter clothes…

And he’s been in nothing but shorts since early May so he must have felt a weather shift!

Now I’m sure it’s just good old nostalgia, but didn’t the summer holidays used to be sunny??  I mean, ok, not every day but with the August forecast described as “changeable”, I can’t help but feel our seasons are changing.  And the other issue I have with the weather is how, in their winter, Australia is only a few degrees colder than here today?!

Anyway, I digress.  It’s day 3 of the summer holidays and I’m already itching for September!  I love my Little Bear more than words, but he needs to be able to be independent for a few hours.  We’ve had a fairly busy three days, yet I can still tell from his mood that he has energy to burn and I think that it’s a type of energy only playgroup can provide for him.  That environment of listening to teachers, interacting with a large group of children, having to hold your own and be confident – it’s as much a mental energy as it is physical, and that’s what he needs.

Today I was trying to have a shower and he kept asking me how to spell words, how to write letters, to show him a “f”.  It’s not totally out of character for him to be interested in this type of activity but it is quite unusual for him to initiate it, uninvited or unprompted by me or a magazine.  And so, I was thinking that this, perhaps, is part of him channelling his mental energy.  There could be worse ways I guess.

And then he gave me a worse way. I have mentioned before that I sometimes find playing “shops” a little tedious, well today he showed me a whole new level of tedium.  Today, we played “Teacup Travels”.  For anyone not familiar with the CBeebies show of the same name then it basically involves a boy/girl travelling back in time to help someone with a very random task all narrated by their Great Aunt who has a teacup depicting that very story.  So today, we sat down with our cups of tea and I had to go on an adventure narrated by Little Bear.  

According to my phone, the whole thing took less than 5 minutes but in my head I had been there for hours trekking through China.

Is this the timeline of my summer?  Will I be ready for Christmas decorations before mid August? Or will it plateau – will we both get used to having each other around and ease back into a relaxed, sunny, blissful summer?  Fingers crossed!

Super Strong!

Super Strong!

Little Bear has always been a very good eater, there aren’t many things he won’t eat and he has a great appetite.  The only real battle ground so far has been raw carrot and cucumber sticks – that easy, go to, healthy snack loved by children length and breadth of the country.

The last couple of weeks have seen a change to this though and he’s suddenly become happy to try and, dare I say it, enjoy his crudités.

It was after a weekend packed with parties when I asked him, “Why don’t you ever eat carrot sticks at parties, like your friends do?”, and he just said, “I don’t know, but I would if you gave them to me”.

And so the conversation continued with me in utter disbelief until I finally pulled a carrot out of the fridge and said, “So if I cut this up, will you eat it?”  And lo and behold he munched away without batting an eyelid.

The week after, and about 3 carrots later, he decided to give cucumber a whirl at a party.  He munched it down…good boy Little Bear!

And so he’s continued.  He’s eating a bigger range of vegetables with dinner, raw veggies as snacks, asking for different fruit on the shopping list.  And so our list of things he won’t eat has shrunk further still and I’ve packed him off to preschool with a lunch full of the requested carrot and cucumber sticks!

The downside?  He thinks it’s making him a “super strong” superhero which involves lots of trying to push over tables and move sofas!