Opening Up

Opening Up

Little Bear, like children everywhere, shares very little about his time at pre-school.  I get a lot of “nothing”, “don’t know”, and “can’t remember” responses when I dare to probe, or he whizzes ahead on his scooter mumbling something I have no chance of hearing.

Last week I managed to get him to open up.  Whilst helping me to chop the vegetables for dinner he started freely telling me about his day – who he played with, what they did, whole conversations were repeated back to me.

All my questioning and sneaky tactics that have failed over the last year were a waste of time.  All the boy needed was a pepper and a knife!

The downside to Little Bear deciding he wants to cook and chat is that we seem to use twice as many utensils and bowls!  He has his own knife and chopping board, so that’s a double up already.

And then he wants to put all the ingredients into the pan.

I would just put paprika in, but for him I have to put it in a bowl to then tip in.  Butter, I can go from tub to pan, for Little Bear I have to go from tub to bowl to pan.  He wants an extra spoon.  He wants to separate the peas that have stuck together.  

He wants to do the whole thing, and it’s great, I love that he gets involved…but when can he start doing the washing up as well??

“Mummy, what rhymes with…”

“Mummy, what rhymes with…”

Little Bear loves to tell me words that rhyme and coming home from the park this afternoon he was in full flow.

“Mummy, park rhymes with shark, and ark, and bark, and…mummy, what rhymes with luck?”

Why was “fuck” the only word I could think of?!  I know there are loads of others, I’ve got them all in my head now, but in that instant I had to give radio silence and try to move the topic on to safer territory…

“Lovely weather today isn’t it darling?”

 God, I’m so British!

Lego Obsession

Lego Obsession

I’ve been a little quiet lately which means we’ve been hectic at home!  We’ve had lots of day trips with Daddy, lots of parties, and lots of fun in the sun!

We’ve also developed a love of Lego.

It started with a big box on his birthday, which we then added a few small sets to, which was then doubled last week (thanks Legoland), and now my lounge resembles the Lego shop.  To be honest, I’m loving it as much as Little Bear is.  There’s just something about Lego, it just invites you to play and create.  You can construct, imagine, count, sort, discuss, etc etc etc…it really is a great all round toy – apart from one thing.

I can’t tidy it away.

The loose bricks and some of the more permanent bits get put in a box at the end of the day, but if Little Bear has spent hours creating and titivating a masterpiece then I can’t just expect him to knock it down at the end of the day.  Imagine if everything you achieved in one day was erased and you had to start from scratch again the next day.  Would you be happy?  I know I wouldn’t be!

And so, for now at least, my tidy up rule has had to be loosened.  And I have to run the Lego gauntlet, weaving and hopping my way through a maze of bricks hoping to avoid the most painful of experiences – treading on a brick.

Hello Summer, Goodbye Clothes

Hello Summer, Goodbye Clothes

So apparently Little Bear isn’t keen on wearing clothes in the summer.  He’s slept naked, eaten naked, and played naked!

He had a sleepover at Nanny and Grandad’s on Friday and he packed a suitcase full of clothes, who knows why as I don’t think he wore any of them.  We went back there yesterday afternoon and within a minute of arriving he was naked and in the paddling pool!

At home he has been taking himself off to the bathroom and coming back with half his clothes missing.

We put him to bed in pyjamas and go back to find him naked.

So that wardrobe full of shorts and t-shirts?  Wasted!

Ah well, the heatwave is due to finish by Wednesday , and we’ll all be in jumpers by Friday!

“I’m a Ghost!”

“I’m a Ghost!”

Living with a three year old means we have our fair share of ups and downs, and there are those times when we’re meant to be serious but are holding back the laughter…such an episode happened yesterday.

Mid-afternoon Little Bear ran off to his room after being offended by me asking him to keep the pen off the table and on the paper (so unreasonable aren’t I?).  His exit was swiftly followed by a calamitous crash…but no tears, so I guessed it wasn’t an emergency.  I went, tentatively, to investigate.  A box of cars and a box of food were sprawled across his bedroom.

I, fairly, asked him to be a bit more careful when getting boxes out and could he tidy up a bit and then I would help him.  I returned to the kitchen and left him to tidy.

Or so I thought.

All was quiet.  Too quiet for things to be being hurled into toy boxes.  So I investigated…and saw a ghost.  To be precise, a Little Bear ghost.  Ok, it wasn’t a ghost, it was Little Bear covered in my duvet doing everything he could to avoid tidying.

Only a child could hear, “Please tidy your room”, and interpret it as “Make more mess! Go take everything off my bed! Please please pretend to be a ghost, it would really complete my day”.  Ahhh well, I guess we’ll just clear it up “together” then!

Family Day

Family Day

Yesterday we had one those rare days where it was just the three of us together all day.  We gave Little Bear the choice of what to do but after he said “just stay at home” we took the situation into our own hands!

After a lovely breakfast we did his latest magazine and checked the growth of our caterpillars (we’ve got one of those “grow your own butterfly” kits) before getting dressed and heading out.

We visited a local nature reserve, Woods Mill, and it was brilliant.  Little Bear had a map and a stick – he was in his element! We spotted dragonflies, beetles, worms, and pond skaters, and a butterfly even landed on Little Bear’s chin.

We spent the afternoon at home, checking in with the caterpillars at regular intervals!  We made a Pirate Cove and had some swashbuckling pirate adventures, then Little Bear helped to cut the vegetables for dinner.

It wasn’t a particularly exciting day, nothing particularly funny happened, but it was pretty close to perfect.  Everyone liked each other, everyone was happy, and everyone got lots of cuddles – it was one of those days you dream of having but seldom achieve!

“It’s too High”

“It’s too High”

Last week was half term for us and we started it off with a visit to the funfair.  Little Bear picked out a huge inflatable slide that he wanted to go on so off he went clambering up the steps, sliding down, and then clambering back up.  Except, the second time didn’t end in a slide.  It ended in him looking terrified, refusing to sit down, and me being convinced that the reason was he had done a poo in his pants.  Our encouragement/frustration didn’t help and he had to be rescued by the attendant.  There was no poo, just a bit of vertigo – he’s inheriting all the good things from daddy, thanks for that!  After that drama we continued, as good Brits do, to explore in the rain thankfully without further incident.

Gymnastics was still running so we went along as usual, as did several older siblings.  They decided it would be a great idea to announce they would put their stamps on their forehead…

Thanks for that!

The rest of our week continued as normal with park visits and seeing friends, and then we ended the way we began, Donkey Derby and a funfair. 

After the slide debacle the week before we tentatively suggested he tried a smaller one.  It was an exact repeat of last time – one fun slide followed by one embarrassing rescue! Come on Little Bear, don’t be defeated!