Post Birthday Fun

Post Birthday Fun

Now Little Bear has been three for 10 whole days he has started ask, “When will I be four???”  Oh my word, one year at a time darling!  Thankfully, he got thoroughly spoilt by everyone around him for his birthday so we’ve been dampening those Birthday blues by exploring his new presents.

Our stash of Orchard games has grown ever larger, and we play these daily.  One particular game, Pirate Ludo, is aimed for slightly older children and I attempted to simplify it by just trying to use one playing piece each.  This was met with utter disdain and so we played a full game of ludo…it took half a morning but he understood it and loved it!

And won…obviously.

We’ve been making pictures with Blo Pens too – now they were more fun than I anticipated!  Although I think daddy was the real fan of these!

We’ve also been having fun outside as the weather (say it quietly) is slowly warming up.  Little Bear has been practising at the park on his new bike – it’s going to take a while but he’s already getting the hang of the pedals.  And we’ve been planting in his new planter, I’m just hoping he’ll remember about watering them as my track record isn’t that great!

So it looks like we’ve got plenty to be getting on with for the moment, no need to worry about turning 4 yet Little Bear!

“It’s a Secret!”

“It’s a Secret!”

Yesterday afternoon Little Bear and I went shopping for daddy’s birthday, I told him to keep it a secret and not tell daddy anything!  A big challenge for him, but a task I knew he was up to having successfully told me nothing about my birthday presents under extreme levels of questioning.

So we shopped, we wrapped, we hid.

Daddy came home.

“Daddy, daddy we’ve…oooh I can’t say it’s a secret!” …phew! Well done Little Bear…

“Yes it’s a secret daddy!  We’ve bought you birthday presents and have hidden them in my suitcase!”

Oh.  Right.  Not a secret anymore then?!  At least he didn’t tell him what we bought, though with a week to go there’s still time 🙈

2nd Birthday Shenanigans!

2nd Birthday Shenanigans!

It’s over and we survived…the 3 day celebrations of Little Bear’s second birthday.

We started with presents on Friday morning.  This was a very slow moving part of the celebrations – rip the corner of the paper, “oh what is it?”, rip another bit, “oooh”, rip another bit, “oooh it’s a book/puzzle/game/etc”, 10 more rips and the present is out, “read/play/open/do it”…or how about we move onto the next present because daddy does actually have to go to work again sometime before next month!!!

But he loved it, and was excited, and I would much rather that then total disinterest and complacency, which is kind of what I expected from a two year old.  We then spent the morning at the park with a whole bunch of friends which he loved, and we had a Thomas cake so that made him even happier.

We had the afternoon with in laws which was nice and then had a late night because he wanted to open all hus presents from his friends before going to bed, “Might open 1” turned into actually opening about 20!

Saturday and Sunday were just as crazy with friends visiting, football, family get togethers, cake, a party, more cake, more presents, and all topped off with a bit more cake!!

By Sunday afternoon we were exhausted even if he wasn’t! And there’s not going to be any rest from here on in as he’s constantly asking to go on his scooter and bike now!!

Two years ago today…

Two years ago today…

It was a sunny Bank Holiday Monday and we had plans to go to Arundel for a walk and a pub lunch.  Little Bear however had other ideas.

This time 2 years ago I was in labour and we spent the day pacing around, listening to music, timing contractions, and bouncing on a ball!

This time last year was the day before his 1st birthday and he was full of an awful cold, and I was wondering weather our birthday plans if a day out would be ruined.

This year I’m feeling fairly calm and organised.  Thankfully there’s no party planning this year due to a busy schedule so we’re just having a play at the park with friends…although he has requested a Thomas cake so I should probably do that!  Oh and write his card that I only remembered to buy a few hours ago…bad mummy!!

Little Bear is far from calm, he is so knowing and so aware that tomorrow is his special day.  He went to sleep saying “have cake and candles tomorrow”, and “I’m nearly two”, and finally, singing himself Happy Birthday!!

How Birthdays Change!

How Birthdays Change!

Until Little Bear arrived, my birthday was all about one person…me!  Not so anymore, now it’s a little bit about me but more about having a good day that Little Bear will enjoy as well.  Last year was soft play followed by lunch, this year was a grand day out to Paradise Park.

I really had no idea what to expect.  This place is a garden centre/planet earth museum/miniature gardens/dinosaur exhibit/outdoor play area/soft play…surely with so much going on, it couldn’t all be good.  And it wasn’t.  It was great! The whole place was well thought out, well maintained, and good fun!

The museum was also home to the dinosaurs.  These were true to size, and interactive – Little Bear loved making them roar.  We didn’t spend long in the gardens as the weather wasn’t great, but as it was dry we managed to gave a good play on the slide and climbing frame before lunch.  After lunch we took Little Bear on the train ride, it was his first experience of anything like that and he sat in his own seat, holding on, and laughing with excitement!


We then visited the dinosaurs, caveman, and astronaut again…waving hello and goodbye to each one as we went.


Finally we braved the softplay which was carnage.  By now it was raining and everyone was indoors, add to that school holiday crowds and you can imagine how crazy it was.  But Little Bear loved it regardless and dragged nanny off to explore.

It wasn’t the way I would usually spend my birthday but seeing Little Bear have such a good time really made my day…as did the champagne at the end of it!!

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