The Volume Has Broken

The Volume Has Broken

Is it just a fact that the volume control of a three year old is non-existent?  Or am I just lucky to be experiencing such deafening bouts of play?

Since turning three I’m fairly sure that Little Bear has become much more animated and, let’s put this politely, passionate about his play.  There are lots of ninjas, super villains, and baddies, and to counter them are goodies armed with lightsabres and super-batman (my personal favourite) with his ability to knock down anyone in his path – both literally and metaphorically.

And with these characters comes “The Voice”.  “The Voice” is a snarl, a growl, and gritted teeth, and it’s all played out at cinematic volumes. Quite frankly, it’s a little disconcerting, and nearly impossible to understand at times.

Where did the quiet child who would use squeaky voices in play go?  Where did the child who would sit quietly and build go? And where oh where did my earplugs go?!?!

In truth, I know where that little boy is.  He’s still here.  He’s still shining through most of the day.  I know that this new form of play is just him expressing himself and modelling what he sees elsewhere.  And I know that, in reality, we only lose the volume control for small portions of the day.  But those are the times that stick aren’t they?

You forget the hour you spent together quietly building with lego before pre-school, you forget the unprompted “thank yous”, the unasked for kisses, the intelligent and witty comments.  You forget that he’s just a three old, doing three year old things, at three year old volumes.

Little Bear, I’m sorry I get cross with your loud and passionate play.  I’m sorry that I forget the amazing things you do. And I’m sorry neighbours, the sound proofing is on order!

Post-Disney Blues

Post-Disney Blues

After months of waiting it’s now over.  We’ve had a magical few days in Disneyland and no words or pictures can come close to describing the awe and amazement on Little Bear’s face from the moment we arrived.

Just shy of his third birthday it was a perfect time to take him.  He has some established favourites – Toy Story and Peter Pan – and was keen to meet other characters and try out all the rides as well.  He waited patiently in queues and for the parade, and powered through until 10pm to watch the fireworks on our last night.

We returned home with some amazing memories, half the toys in every shop, and sad faces.

Little Bear proclaimed he wanted “to stay at Disneyland forever!”  And with that not being an option, he settled for clinging to all his new Toy Story toys and wallowing in post-Disney blues – I feel it too darling boy!  Take us back!

Little Kingdom Takeover

Little Kingdom Takeover

So considering we haven’t watched Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom since around August time, I was a little shocked when Little Bear proclaimed that he wanted to make King Thistle when I got the art box out.

I skirted around the issue letting him just make anything to start with but he became pretty insistent that he wanted King Thistle…

And then Ben and Holly…

And not forgetting Gaston…

And to top it all off, the bloody Little Castle…

I don’t mind arts and crafts, I’m not a mum that cowers away from glitter (though I completely understand why people do…they have their sanity in tack), and I think I can give most things a go, albeit with limited success, but this afternoon really is not one I need to repeat!  I’m just grateful I didn’t have to help him make all 6 Paw Patrol dogs…still, there’s always next time I suppose.

If anyone needs me I’ll be scrubbing glitter glue off every surface for the rest of the day 🙈

“Do I Look Like Bob?”

“Do I Look Like Bob?”

On Saturday Little Bear was in cute but crazy mode, and came out with some great comments.

The stand out one for me was when he compared himself to my mum’s dog, a West Highland Terrier.  We were in the car and Little Bear had his legs stretched out, he looked at his feet and said, “Do I look like Bob?”

As all loving parents do, we just laughed, wondering where on earth this was heading.  Little Bear then explained, “Because my feet are white like Bob’s are.”  Aah yes, white Converse high tops and white dog paws, I see the similarity now!  

Spot the Difference!

Good observation Little Bear!

Holiday: Day 1

Holiday: Day 1

Today was our first full day in Spain and Little Bear was incredible.

The complex we are staying on has 5 pools, one of which only comes just past his knees and he confidently swims and jumps around in this.  Some people may think that holidays with a 2 year old can’t be relaxing but we have both found today to be just that.  Little Bear has played independently and with us as he discovered his new environment; I just think it’s down to the toys you bring with you as to how relaxed you are then able to be.

He seems to have slipped back into the pattern of napping, which works perfectly for us, and also allows us to keep him up a little later than usual.  Tonight we popped up to a local bar and had a couple of drinks whilst he enjoyed an ice cream and played with his dinosaurs.  He always makes me so proud when we go out, he is such a good boy and makes it easy to relax.

Tomorrow, we have promised him we will go to the beach, and who can refuse this face…



After very little discussion we have booked a trip to Disneyland Paris for next April, just before Little Bear turns three so we can avoid paying for him!

Having booked the hotel, planned the journey, and watched endless videos of the rides, we realised that Little Bear knows absolutely nothing about any Disney characters, except Buzz Lightyear!  And so the 8 month education commences…

We have started with Mickey Mouse.  My friend suggested watching “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”, and the result is me singing the “Hotdog” song repeatedly for the last week.  And in the spirit of sharing…Hotdog Song!

Anyway, it has clearly had an impact as he has been pointing out Mickey Mouse wherever he has seen him the last few days…ice cream vans, toys, books, and even on a slide…

So who next??  What Disney character is a “must know”?!  But please, no more songs!

Too Young for Chores??

Too Young for Chores??

For the last 15 minutes I’ve watched Little Bear “wash up” his toys in the water tray, he even asked for washing up liquid and a tea towel.

He loves to help with the washing – loading, unloading, hanging out, and is also partial to a bit of sweeping.

He helps to put the bins out and loves helping with dinner, and I’m sure he can be trained to put the shopping away!

Is two too young for chores?!?! It would certainly help me out!