Kim’s Game

Kim’s Game

Today marked the beginning of the second week of the summer holidays and the sun decided to shine – thankfully!

After a morning at the park catching up with family I treated Little Bear to an ice cream before heading home.  On the way back he wanted to buy a magazine and chose one with a Police Kit on the front – badge, phone, keys, notebook.  Very fitting as he had just labelled himself a detective for finding his cousin’s lost car.

After completing the magazine, and playing Police and Robber (apparently I had stolen the jewels and had to get locked in his bedroom) he set out all his new toys on the floor then ran off.  As he was away I hid one of the objects.  On his return he loved trying to guess what had moved.

Suddenly I remembered Kim’s Game and asked him to find a couple more objects.  With seven items out we each took turns removing an object and getting the other to guess what was missing.  Then we upped the challenge and removed 2/3/4 items at a time.

Little Bear thought it was brilliant fun, and itvmade him feel like even more of a detective.  At the same time he was unwittingly practising his memory skills, his counting (how many missing?), and his letters (“I’m stuck mummy, what does it begin with?”).  We probably played for nearly 20 minutes before he started to lose interest.  It’s definitely something I’ll be doing with him again and hopefully it will help to channel some of that mental energy he’s building up!

“I’m a Ghost!”

“I’m a Ghost!”

Living with a three year old means we have our fair share of ups and downs, and there are those times when we’re meant to be serious but are holding back the laughter…such an episode happened yesterday.

Mid-afternoon Little Bear ran off to his room after being offended by me asking him to keep the pen off the table and on the paper (so unreasonable aren’t I?).  His exit was swiftly followed by a calamitous crash…but no tears, so I guessed it wasn’t an emergency.  I went, tentatively, to investigate.  A box of cars and a box of food were sprawled across his bedroom.

I, fairly, asked him to be a bit more careful when getting boxes out and could he tidy up a bit and then I would help him.  I returned to the kitchen and left him to tidy.

Or so I thought.

All was quiet.  Too quiet for things to be being hurled into toy boxes.  So I investigated…and saw a ghost.  To be precise, a Little Bear ghost.  Ok, it wasn’t a ghost, it was Little Bear covered in my duvet doing everything he could to avoid tidying.

Only a child could hear, “Please tidy your room”, and interpret it as “Make more mess! Go take everything off my bed! Please please pretend to be a ghost, it would really complete my day”.  Ahhh well, I guess we’ll just clear it up “together” then!

Family Day

Family Day

Yesterday we had one those rare days where it was just the three of us together all day.  We gave Little Bear the choice of what to do but after he said “just stay at home” we took the situation into our own hands!

After a lovely breakfast we did his latest magazine and checked the growth of our caterpillars (we’ve got one of those “grow your own butterfly” kits) before getting dressed and heading out.

We visited a local nature reserve, Woods Mill, and it was brilliant.  Little Bear had a map and a stick – he was in his element! We spotted dragonflies, beetles, worms, and pond skaters, and a butterfly even landed on Little Bear’s chin.

We spent the afternoon at home, checking in with the caterpillars at regular intervals!  We made a Pirate Cove and had some swashbuckling pirate adventures, then Little Bear helped to cut the vegetables for dinner.

It wasn’t a particularly exciting day, nothing particularly funny happened, but it was pretty close to perfect.  Everyone liked each other, everyone was happy, and everyone got lots of cuddles – it was one of those days you dream of having but seldom achieve!

Little Bear the Gentleman

Little Bear the Gentleman

This morning Little Bear gave me a bunch of Duplo flowers, I said thank you, and that it’s nice to give flowers to people we love.

As we were getting ready for a play date he asked me if he could give his friends his Duplo flowers because “I love them mummy”.  I said he couldn’t because obviously they’re his toys and he would want them back.  And his response?  “Hmmm, maybe I’ll buy them some real ones”.

And so, an hour later, we turned up at our friend’s house with two bunches of daffodils for the girls!  I’m not sure they were particularly fussed but their mummy liked them!!

His efforts were rewarded with delicious vegetable pasta and homemade flapjacks, and a babycino with marshmallows…what more does a boy need?!

Take note of this day Little Bear – remember that girls like flowers, they like compliments, they like manners…keep all these qualities and you’ll grow up to be a wonderful man, just like your daddy xx

The Thing About Children…

The Thing About Children…

Is that they create even more washing than husbands!

When Little Bear was a baby there was load after load of muslins, vests, and bibs all soaked in dribble.  Then there was the weaning stage and although he wasn’t particularly messy we had our fair share of carrot and sweet potato stained clothes.  Then the toilet training stage…I don’t think we need to go into details.

And now, he’s generally very clean.  Until he sees me empty the laundry basket!!  This is some kind of signal to regress – to throw food every where, to sneeze all over clothes, to wee (or more 🙈) in his pants.  I try to use stealth methods but with open plan living it’s hard to hide things.

Meanwhile, daddy is happily wearing two pairs of socks a day and “helping” by dying my clothes should he ever decide to put the washing on!

Little Bear also likesm to “help” put the washing out…a task which, in itself, usually results in half the load needing to go back in.

Perhaps my boys just like the smell of freshly washed clothes?  Perhaps they like the sound of the washing machine?  Perhaps, they just have an inability to pick an outfit, and stay in it all day?!  Whatever it is, they’re certainly keeping me in a job!

Christmas Craft and Daylight Robbery

Christmas Craft and Daylight Robbery

It’s that time of year again where everyone has got a cold and is just feeling a bit grotty and snotty.  It just so happens it’s also the time of year where it’s perfectly acceptable to start feeling festive – I’m about 3 weeks in to that vibe but ssssh!

And so, with Little Bear’s nose dripping away I decided it was as good an afternoon as any to get some decorations decorated!  I picked up these wooden ones in Hobbycraft about a month ago now and I’m wishing I had got a few more.  They’re impossible to over paint/glue unlike the card ones you can get, and hopefully they’ll last a few Christmasses before all the glitter and sequins fall off.

Little Bear was adamant that he didn’t want to do this this afternoon but once he had started he loved it, and the fine layer of glitter than now covers everything is testament to that!!

He can’t decide who is having which one at the moment, perhaps we’ll end up with them all?!

Before the festivities of this afternoon we had gymnastics – a lot of running, jumping, swinging, and balancing, less of the artistic stuff!  Last week they had photographers in and so this week we got to see the photos.  Well, it looked like Little Bear had spent most of the last session following the camera around.  My plan was to get 1 or 2 printed out, but I couldn’t choose 2 out of nearly 20! So I ended up with 14 on a USB (all that would fit!) and one large printed picture.  All for a very handsome price!

I’m such a sucker when it comes to things like that!  And it was hot in there, we had a train to catch, online prices were even more expensive…And remember, “they’re only this young once”!

It was worth it though…

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Whilst I love summer – the sun, the warmth, the long evenings, I am also enjoying the arrival of Autumn this year.

Little Bear is enjoying seeing the leaves fall and crunching through them. He’s desperate for rain and puddles so we can go splashing in his new dinosaur wellies.  And he loves that he can now wear his new yellow coat!!

The other day we collected leaves and used them to make a picture.  Little Bear’s favourite part was squeezing the glue on and spreading it out, and then squashing the picture with a big book to help the leaves stick.

“Can I use more glue Mummy??”

The one downside of all these leaves is the leaf blowers that our council seem fond of this year.  On our way to pre-school this morning we got blasted by the debris leaving us both with watering eyes.  The man then stopped to let us pass, but when he started again the noise made Little Bear jump out of his skin!!  Mean mummy just laughed!

I feel like this Autumn we will be able to do all the fun activities I imagined we would and with Little Bear actually joining in and having fun rather than me doing it by myself!  Leaf crunching, puddle jumping, pumpkin carving, fireworks pictures, cosy afternoons under a blanket – bring it on!