Growing Up

Growing Up

So obviously I am aware of the passing of time and of the fact that Little Bear is growing up fast, but last night I made a few eBay listings that really brought it home.

For his first birthday he got a Wheely Bug which was lovingly ridden (and crashed) around the house endlessly for a while.  Then the novelty wore off but it was still visited from time to time, even when he was clearly too big for it.  And so, it’s now on eBay.

The second thing to be listed was his balance bike.  After getting a pedal bike for his birthday this has sat forlornly in the corner gathering dust.  He loved riding this, he used to go so fast and I think it has really helped his balance to develop ready for a real bike – yesterday he did his first few metres cycling on his own, daddy’s back is hoping we’ve had a break through!

So there they are, two toddler wheeled toys that are now about to leave the house for good.  And left behind are the memories and the fast growing three year old who is moving on to bigger and more independent pursuits!