Easter is Here!

Easter is Here!

So here it is, 10th April, the first relatively quiet day of the month.  So far we’ve been visiting family, having egg hunts, celebrating my birthday, and cleaning up our balcony…to name a few things!

I kept today, the first day of the holidays, free as I haven’t seen Little Bear much over the weekend as I went away for a birthday treat.  Well, by 9 o’clock Little Bear was not appreciating this gesture and I was met with cries of “but I want my friends to come over!”  Ok, ok, operation Easter needs to commence right now!

So far, four hours into the Easter holidays, we have made frozen banana yoghurt eggs (the alternative healthy Easter treat), tackled a Paw Patrol Easter magazine from cover to cover, made 8 Easter cards in a variety of chick and rabbit designs, and been shopping for some Easter gifts for his cousins.

The problem is, he’s also tired after a busy weekend with Nanny and Grandad which means as soon as he isn’t engaged in an activity he’s just a little bit grumpy and unsure what to do…but don’t even think about mentioning this to him!  It causes feet stamping and angry faces and strong protests, it just isn’t worth it.

And so, to allow myself 5 minutes peace and him some rest time, he’s currently watching the end of Monsters Inc.  Happy Easter holidays everyone! 🐥 

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Whilst I love summer – the sun, the warmth, the long evenings, I am also enjoying the arrival of Autumn this year.

Little Bear is enjoying seeing the leaves fall and crunching through them. He’s desperate for rain and puddles so we can go splashing in his new dinosaur wellies.  And he loves that he can now wear his new yellow coat!!

The other day we collected leaves and used them to make a picture.  Little Bear’s favourite part was squeezing the glue on and spreading it out, and then squashing the picture with a big book to help the leaves stick.

“Can I use more glue Mummy??”

The one downside of all these leaves is the leaf blowers that our council seem fond of this year.  On our way to pre-school this morning we got blasted by the debris leaving us both with watering eyes.  The man then stopped to let us pass, but when he started again the noise made Little Bear jump out of his skin!!  Mean mummy just laughed!

I feel like this Autumn we will be able to do all the fun activities I imagined we would and with Little Bear actually joining in and having fun rather than me doing it by myself!  Leaf crunching, puddle jumping, pumpkin carving, fireworks pictures, cosy afternoons under a blanket – bring it on!