So here it is…

So here it is…

The last day of November!  Although I’ve been in full Christmas mode for a while now, tomorrow is the day that it finally becomes acceptable!

And in preparation we’ve had an afternoon of Christmas craft!  A handmade wreath, gingerbread man chains, a Christmas tree, and a sleigh!

Little Bear is really interested in making things at the moment, and whilst he’s sometimes happy to create his own pictures he usually requests to make something specific (remember the Little Kingdom castle?!  No? I do, the trauma is etched in my memory).

However, I believe that whatever we do needs to have an element of child led and child focused work.  It helps them develop their own creativity and it’s great for their fine motor skills to try out new things without help.

For our wreath he painted his own hand to make the prints, then ripped and scrunched the berries, placed the holly and pom poms, and went crazy with glitter glue!

For the sleigh, he chose the colours and suggested using the felt as presents.  He cut the presents, and again…roamed free with glitter glue!!

For the tree he again cut out the presents, and then decided the leftover tissue paper from the wreath looked like ribbons, so he stuck them on as well.  When we were decorating the tree with sequins we talked about shapes and colours, and whether we had enough glue blobs or not.

Little Bear then saw a gingerbread man sticker and wanted to make some of them too.  He told me what sizes he would like, what he wanted to use, and he only asked for a little help throughout the whole decorating process.

The result:  Our house is starting to look like Christmas threw up on it!  Hooray!

Little Kingdom Takeover

Little Kingdom Takeover

So considering we haven’t watched Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom since around August time, I was a little shocked when Little Bear proclaimed that he wanted to make King Thistle when I got the art box out.

I skirted around the issue letting him just make anything to start with but he became pretty insistent that he wanted King Thistle…

And then Ben and Holly…

And not forgetting Gaston…

And to top it all off, the bloody Little Castle…

I don’t mind arts and crafts, I’m not a mum that cowers away from glitter (though I completely understand why people do…they have their sanity in tack), and I think I can give most things a go, albeit with limited success, but this afternoon really is not one I need to repeat!  I’m just grateful I didn’t have to help him make all 6 Paw Patrol dogs…still, there’s always next time I suppose.

If anyone needs me I’ll be scrubbing glitter glue off every surface for the rest of the day ๐Ÿ™ˆ