Post Birthday Fun

Post Birthday Fun

Now Little Bear has been three for 10 whole days he has started ask, “When will I be four???”  Oh my word, one year at a time darling!  Thankfully, he got thoroughly spoilt by everyone around him for his birthday so we’ve been dampening those Birthday blues by exploring his new presents.

Our stash of Orchard games has grown ever larger, and we play these daily.  One particular game, Pirate Ludo, is aimed for slightly older children and I attempted to simplify it by just trying to use one playing piece each.  This was met with utter disdain and so we played a full game of ludo…it took half a morning but he understood it and loved it!

And won…obviously.

We’ve been making pictures with Blo Pens too – now they were more fun than I anticipated!  Although I think daddy was the real fan of these!

We’ve also been having fun outside as the weather (say it quietly) is slowly warming up.  Little Bear has been practising at the park on his new bike – it’s going to take a while but he’s already getting the hang of the pedals.  And we’ve been planting in his new planter, I’m just hoping he’ll remember about watering them as my track record isn’t that great!

So it looks like we’ve got plenty to be getting on with for the moment, no need to worry about turning 4 yet Little Bear!

They say the sweetest things

They say the sweetest things

Every morning, much like many families I guess, we say goodbye to daddy.  He has a kiss and cuddle from each of us, and generally we tell each other “I love you”, “Have a good day”, “Enjoy playgroup/swimming/gymnastics”, and other such relevant niceties.

This morning, Little Bear took all that up a notch in his happy little sing song voice…

“Love you daddy, I hope you don’t die!”

Oh, ummm, no plans to today darling so I’ll try my best!  

Baking with Daddy

Baking with Daddy

Yesterday Little Bear had big dreams for the day, “as a special treat I want to stay at home all day“.  I can’t say this filled me with joy, I get cabin fever at an alarming rate!  Daddy suggested doing some cooking and Little Bear agreed, and even broke his self imposed seclusion to go out to buy ingredients.

The thing that baffles me though is that when I do baking with Little Bear, I manage it just the two of us, but when Daddy does it I’m called upon to beat eggs and line trays!  And maybe do a bit of the clean up too!

Little Bear helped to pour, mix, and beat, but stayed clear of actually touching the mixture, he’s not keen on mess.  He was most excited about the tasting though, and I have to hand it to them, they’re good cookies!

I love watching them do things together.  It’s so important for children to not see things as boy or girl activities, to have both male and female role models for a range of activities.  Well done daddy, we think you’re the best!

“Never Never Eat Me Again”

“Never Never Eat Me Again”

These were the last words Little Bear uttered before he went to bed tonight.

Little Bear and Daddy were playing together after dinner, as usual, and Daddy pretended to eat his ear.  On normal days this would be met with giggles and laughter…not today.  Today, Little Bear became distraught! “No daddy, give my ear back” and other crazy statements were flung around, he even checked in mirror but still returned convinced that one was missing.

What Little Bear expected to see!

The final straw was when Daddy pretended to throw his ear off the balcony. This was met with, “I want to go out on my bike and get my ear”, if was just about understandable through the sobs!

But the worst part?  Not Little Bear getting so upset, but us, two grown adults trying our best (and failing) to conceal our own giggles!

Anyway, after returning all body parts and stealing some of Daddy’s, the evening routine resumed as normal – shower, teeth, stories, kisses, cuddles, bed!  And a stern warning to Daddy, “Never never eat me again!”

Daddy Games

Daddy Games

Sunday morning Little Bear was a complete daddy’s boy which was lovely for everyone…even if it did mean me doing the washing up, cleaning, and laundry without help!

Little Bear and daddy decided to play football with a beach ball – the only ball light enough to still be allowed inside!  Daddy was getting Little Bear to kick the ball to him, and then stand still until daddy kicked it back.  He actually caught onto this idea quite quickly and they were soon passing the ball back and forth, sometimes with questionable accuracy on both parts!!

Then it got harder.  Daddy tried to teach “turn and shoot”…this was brilliant to watch, Little Bear spins round in a circle 2 or 3 times then yells “Shoooooooot!!!!” as he kicks the ball.  He tried to teach “little kicks”, but these aren’t as much fun as big kicks so Little Bear soon reverted to those.

Then daddy kicked the ball right into Little Bear’s face…whoops!!  Little Bear looked confused, “Ball hit eye!”  Daddy, thinking on his feet, decided to whisk him over to his drink and called it the “Eye Wash Station”.  He dipped his fingers into the water and dabbed round Little Bear’s eye…he thought it was great fun and was soon off kicking again!  But then came the shout…

“Eye wash station!!!!!”

Little Bear decided he needed to visit the treatment room again, only this time he self-administered….toddler hands + cup of water??? Flood!!!  And very clean eyes!!!  Well done daddy…I’ll be thinking of you so fondly when he decides to do this everyday for the next week whilst you’re at work…pass the mop!

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