The Fear Was Real

The Fear Was Real

Having a child makes you accustomed to hearing strange noises – a dinosaur roaring in the middle of the night, breadsticks tumbling to the floor, milk splashing perilously close to the television.  But some sounds still make you sit up, pause the television, and scramble to your child’s bedroom.

The other night we had one of these moments.  The noise Little Bear made was like nothing I have ever heard from him.  As I fell into his bedroom he was sat up on his pillow pointing down the bed telling me there were spiders.

The rational me clicked that this was just a dream, but a larger part of me wanted to emit the same terrifying noise that Little Bear had used!  Tentatively, but feigning confidence, I pulled the duvet around and reassured him that there were no spiders, that it was a dream, and that he should go back to sleep.

 Gripping tight to his favourite teddy, Teddington, he cautiously lay back down and settled back into far happier dreams.

The spiders may not have been real, but the fear was…for both of us. 🕷

“I love those ponies”

“I love those ponies”

5 minutes after finishing a treat from Nanny and Grandad, Little Bear uttered from the back of the car, “I love those ponies”.

As we were driving down a main road, no where near fields, we both questioned, “What ponies?!”

Little Bear – “The pony that I just had from Nanny”

Me – “Do you mean the hippo?”

LB – “Yes, the hippo.  That’s exactly what I just said!”

Me (under my breath so I don’t start a war but because I can’t stay silent) – “Well you definitely didn’t.”

Earlier in the day we had another great Little Bear moment as he told us about his dream.  It was quite long and convoluted but he had us in giggles…here’s the highlight:

LB – “So I drove in a car”

Daddy – “What, on your own?”

LB – “Of course! But it was soooo annoying because they made me pay for two tickets…”

Me – “Why did they do that?”

LB – “Because…I was dressed as an elephant!!

I mean, where does he get this stuff from? At the 4am ghost dream was replaced by something happier 👻