Kim’s Game

Kim’s Game

Today marked the beginning of the second week of the summer holidays and the sun decided to shine – thankfully!

After a morning at the park catching up with family I treated Little Bear to an ice cream before heading home.  On the way back he wanted to buy a magazine and chose one with a Police Kit on the front – badge, phone, keys, notebook.  Very fitting as he had just labelled himself a detective for finding his cousin’s lost car.

After completing the magazine, and playing Police and Robber (apparently I had stolen the jewels and had to get locked in his bedroom) he set out all his new toys on the floor then ran off.  As he was away I hid one of the objects.  On his return he loved trying to guess what had moved.

Suddenly I remembered Kim’s Game and asked him to find a couple more objects.  With seven items out we each took turns removing an object and getting the other to guess what was missing.  Then we upped the challenge and removed 2/3/4 items at a time.

Little Bear thought it was brilliant fun, and itvmade him feel like even more of a detective.  At the same time he was unwittingly practising his memory skills, his counting (how many missing?), and his letters (“I’m stuck mummy, what does it begin with?”).  We probably played for nearly 20 minutes before he started to lose interest.  It’s definitely something I’ll be doing with him again and hopefully it will help to channel some of that mental energy he’s building up!

The Tidy Up Game

The Tidy Up Game

This afternoon Little Bear is on some kind of mission to play with every toy he owns, for about 10 seconds each.  It’s exhausting and messy!

Having emptied out the “crap box” (mainly comprising of magazine toys) all over the floor he then found a dice and asked for a game to play with it.

Thinking on my feet, the game went like this:

Roll the dice, count the spots, put that number of crap items back in the box, whoever puts the last piece in is the winner!  Simple!

Problem is, he liked it a bit too much!  I’ve now filled and emptied that box more times than I would care to count!  But at least Little Bear got to practice his numeracy skills!!

Treasure Hunts

Treasure Hunts

When I was little, I remember going on treasure hunts set by friends or parents, and being excited at having to follow clues…especially when I got older and my dad set me a treasure hunt challenge to find my birthday money!!  So before having Little Bear I imagined that treasure hunts with him might follow a similar vein…well apparently not.

In this new generation of hunting he is the one who chooses what to hide, usually his most favoured toy of the moment, and it is me who has to seek it out…except, there are no clues.

Our exchanges go something like this:

LB: “Mummy, can you find my pilot?”

Me: “Where did you put him?” (I’d rather just get this over and done with)

LB: “Ummm, I don’t know, maybe my bedroom”

…of I go…………nope, not there…

LB: ” Mummy did you find him?”

Me: “Not yet darling/Angel/sweetness” (barely suppressed growl)

LB: “But I neeeeed him”

Me: “Perhaps he’s gone for a walk, we’ll find him later”

Little Bear then huffs and puffs whilst I try to distract him.  Eventually he decides to stand up and move on…

LB: “Oh look, here he is! Mummy you didn’t look under my bottom!”

Me: there are no words, I’m just rocking in the corner, flabbergasted that my 2 year old has played the same stunt 10 times in 2 days and I haven’t caught on!