Kim’s Game

Kim’s Game

Today marked the beginning of the second week of the summer holidays and the sun decided to shine – thankfully!

After a morning at the park catching up with family I treated Little Bear to an ice cream before heading home.  On the way back he wanted to buy a magazine and chose one with a Police Kit on the front – badge, phone, keys, notebook.  Very fitting as he had just labelled himself a detective for finding his cousin’s lost car.

After completing the magazine, and playing Police and Robber (apparently I had stolen the jewels and had to get locked in his bedroom) he set out all his new toys on the floor then ran off.  As he was away I hid one of the objects.  On his return he loved trying to guess what had moved.

Suddenly I remembered Kim’s Game and asked him to find a couple more objects.  With seven items out we each took turns removing an object and getting the other to guess what was missing.  Then we upped the challenge and removed 2/3/4 items at a time.

Little Bear thought it was brilliant fun, and itvmade him feel like even more of a detective.  At the same time he was unwittingly practising his memory skills, his counting (how many missing?), and his letters (“I’m stuck mummy, what does it begin with?”).  We probably played for nearly 20 minutes before he started to lose interest.  It’s definitely something I’ll be doing with him again and hopefully it will help to channel some of that mental energy he’s building up!

“You have cracks”

“You have cracks”

Last weekend Little Bear sat on my lap to put on his shoes.  In doing so he leant back, I leant forward and we cracked heads.  He’s clearly tougher than me, he just carried on whilst I clutched my head a bit back the tears.

Later that day I asked him about a bruise on his elbow.  One of many he as recently collected.  I then asked him if I had a bruise on my head from the head clash.

The response was perfect preschooler.

“No mummy, but you have cracks on your forehead.”

Oh.  Right.  Great.  I’ll just go and buy some polyfiller for them shall I?!

“Mummy, what rhymes with…”

“Mummy, what rhymes with…”

Little Bear loves to tell me words that rhyme and coming home from the park this afternoon he was in full flow.

“Mummy, park rhymes with shark, and ark, and bark, and…mummy, what rhymes with luck?”

Why was “fuck” the only word I could think of?!  I know there are loads of others, I’ve got them all in my head now, but in that instant I had to give radio silence and try to move the topic on to safer territory…

“Lovely weather today isn’t it darling?”

 God, I’m so British!

“I’m a Ghost!”

“I’m a Ghost!”

Living with a three year old means we have our fair share of ups and downs, and there are those times when we’re meant to be serious but are holding back the laughter…such an episode happened yesterday.

Mid-afternoon Little Bear ran off to his room after being offended by me asking him to keep the pen off the table and on the paper (so unreasonable aren’t I?).  His exit was swiftly followed by a calamitous crash…but no tears, so I guessed it wasn’t an emergency.  I went, tentatively, to investigate.  A box of cars and a box of food were sprawled across his bedroom.

I, fairly, asked him to be a bit more careful when getting boxes out and could he tidy up a bit and then I would help him.  I returned to the kitchen and left him to tidy.

Or so I thought.

All was quiet.  Too quiet for things to be being hurled into toy boxes.  So I investigated…and saw a ghost.  To be precise, a Little Bear ghost.  Ok, it wasn’t a ghost, it was Little Bear covered in my duvet doing everything he could to avoid tidying.

Only a child could hear, “Please tidy your room”, and interpret it as “Make more mess! Go take everything off my bed! Please please pretend to be a ghost, it would really complete my day”.  Ahhh well, I guess we’ll just clear it up “together” then!

Family Day

Family Day

Yesterday we had one those rare days where it was just the three of us together all day.  We gave Little Bear the choice of what to do but after he said “just stay at home” we took the situation into our own hands!

After a lovely breakfast we did his latest magazine and checked the growth of our caterpillars (we’ve got one of those “grow your own butterfly” kits) before getting dressed and heading out.

We visited a local nature reserve, Woods Mill, and it was brilliant.  Little Bear had a map and a stick – he was in his element! We spotted dragonflies, beetles, worms, and pond skaters, and a butterfly even landed on Little Bear’s chin.

We spent the afternoon at home, checking in with the caterpillars at regular intervals!  We made a Pirate Cove and had some swashbuckling pirate adventures, then Little Bear helped to cut the vegetables for dinner.

It wasn’t a particularly exciting day, nothing particularly funny happened, but it was pretty close to perfect.  Everyone liked each other, everyone was happy, and everyone got lots of cuddles – it was one of those days you dream of having but seldom achieve!

Go to sleep Little Bear!

Go to sleep Little Bear!

So far this evening Little Bear has called out for a drink, a wee, and a kiss…I’m sensing some delaying tactics!  This type of demand I usually refuse after the first, especially the toilet trip, he never needs to go more than once before bed, it’s just a game.  But the cry that I always answer, the most recent addition to his repertoire, is, for example, “Mummy, frog begins with f”…yes it does darling, and how can I ignore your cleverness, but at the same time….GO TO SLEEP!!!

So far tonight we have had:

C is for camel; F is for frog; G is for goat; T is for tiger; W is for whale.

Maybe I need to move the alphabet poster?!  Maybe he needs to close his eyes?!

Pirate Day!

Pirate Day!

Today has been all about Pirates for Little Bear.  He decided to get his pirate ships out this morning, they sailed to faraway islands and found treasure, and then our sofa became the pirate ship and we had to dodge sharks and swim with dolphins before falling in “muddy green slime”…yuck!  And then the telescope broke and that ended that game, and got me searching Amazon!

But this pirate play had got me thinking.  I wanted to make some healthy snacks for Little Bear and as he loves pirates maybe there was a way to incorporate this.  I came across a recipe for spinach muffins and the mixture looked exactly like muddy green slime!  So at 9 o’clock this morning we started to bake!

Perfect colour for a cake, don’t you agree?

Little Bear loves cooking and helped to measure, pour, blitz, and mix.  Then we put them in the oven and went to get dressed.  The outcome was really tasty, although not quite as green as I expected, and Little Bear seemed to agree wanting a second before the crumbs from the first had been wiped away!

Taste Test!

We then headed out to the park, with our pirate scooter helmet on and then played on all the equipment as if it was a big pirate ship!  After a pirate feast (tuna sandwich and grapes) we headed to the beach to throw stones and look for boats.  But then Little Bear spotted something, one of the houses had a pirate flag outside and he was desperate to visit it.  He scooted up to it and quietly asked if this was where the pirates lived, of course I told him that they did and I think that made his day – which was just as well because by this stage my toes and nose were frozen solid and any hint of disappointment would not have been well received!

Lovely weather for pirate spotting ❄️

Today really has been one of those days you dream of having, a day when you genuinely love the company of each other and have fun together.  We’ve baked, played outside for hours despite the cold, we’ve done some sticking, talked about our day over a hot chocolate, and had some lovely time playing. 

Too often there is a pressure to fill the day with groups and classes, and often getting out the house on time causes the first tensions of the day.  Today, we left ourselves free of these restraints and have just gone with our own ideas and timings…and what a great day it’s been.

Anyway, best go and hang the washing out now…we’ll, something had to ruin the bliss didn’t it?!