We Survived!

We Survived!

The summer holidays are over and we survived it!  I had my doubts 10 days in but by week 3 we had found a happy balance, and from then on the holidays flowed quite smoothly.

I found that the recipe to success was just letting go a bit, and just relaxing more.  It’s not always that easy but it’s worth it!

I have learnt that you really have to pick your battles.  Does it really matter if he has a snack an hour after breakfast?  Does it matter if he watches a bit more television than I like when outside is wet and miserable?  Does it matter if he walks around a shop not holding my hand? Actually, this one makes it much easier and actually made him happier in Next.  He actually reigns himself in very well when I let him loose! Does it matter if he’s naked at three o’clock in the afternoon??

For Little Bear, he’s learnt to occupy himself a bit more (mainly with Lego), he’s learnt to write more letters, draw people, rhyme words.  He’s learnt to get up by himself for a wee at 6 o’clock without calling out to me – although he’s far from quiet so it doesn’t really change much.  But arguably the most important thing is that he’s learnt most of the words to “Let it Go” and pretty much every song from “Moana”.

And today he went back to playgroup.  He was disappointed it wasn’t school but happy to back nonetheless.  He ran nearly the whole way, had big smiles for his teachers, and settled in as if we’ve never been away!

Our final year before school has officially begun!

A Fireman Came for Lunch!

A Fireman Came for Lunch!

Today, after a morning of unpacking bags and doing the washing, I had a wonderful treat for lunch.

I got to sit down with the cutest Fireman in town…

So far today he’s put out a fire on the footstool, on his bed, and in the hall.  Without this little hero my whole house would be up in flames and I would be powerless to stop it!

On a side note, I did the horribly embarrassing thing of falling over on the way to collect Little Bear from playgroup.  I completely stacked it, soaked jeans and jarred wrists! And there were witnesses so I just had to get up and pretend it hadn’t hurt before turning the corner and letting out a large sob!

Oh well, it’s not like I’ve just done the washing or anything…oh wait 😫

Back to Normal

Back to Normal

The second week of our holiday went far too quickly, and now we’ve been home for two days and it already seems too long ago!

But things must go back to normal, and luckily for us Little Bear has slipped straight back into normal life – if you ignore the stroppy “what?!?!” that he uttered when I told him we weren’t having dinner at a restaurant! We’ve spent the weekend catching up with family and friends, and now it’s Sunday evening, and tomorrow a new week begins.

Actually, tomorrow is the start of a brand new chapter for Little Bear.  It’s his first morning at “Big Boy Playgroup”, and although I will be staying with him at first it will be so different for him.

He is very excited, and doesn’t actually want me to stay.  It will be great for him to have some independence and make new friends, and I think he will eventually thrive, once he’s confident enough to talk to people!

I hope neither of us get first day nerves!  Wish us luck! 



Love them? Hate them?

Pre little bear I was excited at the though of taking him to a playgroup to explore new toys whilst I encouraged his independence by having a cup of tea and a catch up with friends…nice try day dreaming mummy!

The truth is, we only go to one playgroup because largely I can not stand them!!

We turn up to the same lovely group each week and little bear has a wonderful time…usually playing with toys he has at home but nevermind.  I however, just find it a bit awkward.  The other parents are all lovely but lots seem to know each other so there is a cliquey school feel sometimes.  And then there are the parents who have no idea what their little delights are upto…toy snatching, weeing in bushes, you get the idea.  Then there’s the awkwardness when a child you don’t know talks to you and you have absolutely no idea what they are saying.  Who knew it was such a minefield out there?!  And as for the squabbles over squash and biscuits, both of which I refuse to let little bear have, well, it’s like a war zone amongst the custard creams.

Then the end comes.  We’ve tidied up most of it, we’ve sung some songs, next week’s theme has been announced -hibernation, incase you wondered – and it’s time to go.  There’s still some tidying to do. Should we stay? But we aren’t in the clique…Should we go? We can’t leave first though…

A minute of loitering, a token tidying gesture, and we’re out of the door…phew!  Just need a week to prepare myself again now.

The Day Dreaming Mummy