Opening Up

Opening Up

Little Bear, like children everywhere, shares very little about his time at pre-school.  I get a lot of “nothing”, “don’t know”, and “can’t remember” responses when I dare to probe, or he whizzes ahead on his scooter mumbling something I have no chance of hearing.

Last week I managed to get him to open up.  Whilst helping me to chop the vegetables for dinner he started freely telling me about his day – who he played with, what they did, whole conversations were repeated back to me.

All my questioning and sneaky tactics that have failed over the last year were a waste of time.  All the boy needed was a pepper and a knife!

The downside to Little Bear deciding he wants to cook and chat is that we seem to use twice as many utensils and bowls!  He has his own knife and chopping board, so that’s a double up already.

And then he wants to put all the ingredients into the pan.

I would just put paprika in, but for him I have to put it in a bowl to then tip in.  Butter, I can go from tub to pan, for Little Bear I have to go from tub to bowl to pan.  He wants an extra spoon.  He wants to separate the peas that have stuck together.  

He wants to do the whole thing, and it’s great, I love that he gets involved…but when can he start doing the washing up as well??