“Where’s the spider gone?”

“Where’s the spider gone?”

Sitting in the sunshine yesterday afternoon Little Bear and I suddenly realised that we were not alone.

We were having a very calm game of catch, which was going better than it should, when inevitably one of us dropped the ball and it went rolling away.  Little Bear went to retrieve it and spotted our rather large eight legged lodger, I saw it too and had to pretend all was fine as it scuttled away carrying a dinner plate on his shoulder.

Well that was it.  Little Bear was no longer very keen on walking past that particular spot and must have asked me every 2 minutes where the spider had gone.  And there was me, false happiness, explaining that it had run away under the decking because it was far more scared of us than we were of him…yeah right!

What is it about spiders that make us so nervous?  The little ones are fine, and actually, big hairy ones are ok(ish), but the ones with long black muscly legs that lurk in corners…keep them away!