Blast this Summer Holiday!

Blast this Summer Holiday!

As Little Bear/Captain Hook would say, “Blast this Summer Holiday, and blast this weather!”

Day three of week one (6 more weeks to go) and the weather seems to have forgotten it’s summer.  Today was wet, windy, and miserable for us, and although we did manage to get out and had a play date at home the day still felt a bit gloomy.  Little Bear got so fed up with the wind and cold that he went to find winter clothes…

And he’s been in nothing but shorts since early May so he must have felt a weather shift!

Now I’m sure it’s just good old nostalgia, but didn’t the summer holidays used to be sunny??  I mean, ok, not every day but with the August forecast described as “changeable”, I can’t help but feel our seasons are changing.  And the other issue I have with the weather is how, in their winter, Australia is only a few degrees colder than here today?!

Anyway, I digress.  It’s day 3 of the summer holidays and I’m already itching for September!  I love my Little Bear more than words, but he needs to be able to be independent for a few hours.  We’ve had a fairly busy three days, yet I can still tell from his mood that he has energy to burn and I think that it’s a type of energy only playgroup can provide for him.  That environment of listening to teachers, interacting with a large group of children, having to hold your own and be confident – it’s as much a mental energy as it is physical, and that’s what he needs.

Today I was trying to have a shower and he kept asking me how to spell words, how to write letters, to show him a “f”.  It’s not totally out of character for him to be interested in this type of activity but it is quite unusual for him to initiate it, uninvited or unprompted by me or a magazine.  And so, I was thinking that this, perhaps, is part of him channelling his mental energy.  There could be worse ways I guess.

And then he gave me a worse way. I have mentioned before that I sometimes find playing “shops” a little tedious, well today he showed me a whole new level of tedium.  Today, we played “Teacup Travels”.  For anyone not familiar with the CBeebies show of the same name then it basically involves a boy/girl travelling back in time to help someone with a very random task all narrated by their Great Aunt who has a teacup depicting that very story.  So today, we sat down with our cups of tea and I had to go on an adventure narrated by Little Bear.  

According to my phone, the whole thing took less than 5 minutes but in my head I had been there for hours trekking through China.

Is this the timeline of my summer?  Will I be ready for Christmas decorations before mid August? Or will it plateau – will we both get used to having each other around and ease back into a relaxed, sunny, blissful summer?  Fingers crossed!

“Please can we take my scooter!”

“Please can we take my scooter!”

Yesterday started with blue skies and spring like sunshine, it prompted Little Bear to ask if we could go to the beach and scoot home after gymnastics, a good 40 minute walk. Without checking the forecast I agreed so we set off in the morning loaded with lunch, scooter, helmet, wellies, buggy, kitchen sink.

As gymnastics progressed I saw the sky getting darker and began regretting my decision.  By the time we reached the park the sky looked like the world was ending and the wind had picked up.  Little Bear had a quick play in the park and then scooted for 2 minutes before deciding it was too cold.  A picnic was clearly going to be out of the question.

At midday we arrived home.  I unloaded the unworn wellies, the barely used scooter and helmet, the uneaten lunch…and put down a blanket…

Don’t let the weather ruin plans!  An indoor picnic is just as good as one by a freezing cold stormy sea!

Whatever the Weather, We’ll Face it Together

Whatever the Weather, We’ll Face it Together

For Christmas Little Bear got a calendar which we do together every morning.  He enjoys talking about what we are doing on each day, it has helped with some early letter and number recognition, and he loves to check the daily weather – he’s a true Brit.

Whatever the weather we will invariably be out in it at some point, although Little Bear is quite adamant that he doesn’t like rain until there are puddles.  Also, motorbikes don’t like rain so why should he? It’s logic I can’t fault.

Yesterday was a true British summer day.  It started cold, grey, and windy, it threatened to rain, we then had a few hours sunshine, and then the wind returned.  But throughout it all we were outside in our shorts and t-shirts!

Windswept Bike Ride!